Easily spend thousands of pieces! Different paint what’s different?

professor ever seen, “she” Is so beautiful! If the condensate skin “fat” like body, graceful posture, saw “her” as if met throughout the summer, vigorous vitality, exudes sparkling light.

In the “she” when speeding, sometimes low, sometimes high-pitched, like the waves of prolonged, continuous moaning, so there Is a Professor irrepressible impulse. “She” Is the most green Porsche that section – “Green Anaconda” Porsche 911 turbo S!

Why Professor of the Car dreaming it? Because of thIs unique paint color Is really too (lv) a.

As the saying goes, “clothes make the man, the Buddha by Gold” Car, too, rely on the Car paint installed. A Car’s paint color Is largely affected the value of the Car, and even affect sales, but not what the Car can be sprayed like a Porsche so unique (gao gui) of the paint, the paint be divided into 369 etc., today professor Will come and we talk about those things the paint?

Is to paint Car paint, generally are generally baked paint. After completion of the welding body in the Automobile factory (sometimes repair manual), the next process Is painting, the first purpose Is to prevent the vehicle body Is being oxidation and corrosion, but up to now, not only to prevent corrosion paint, more to the pursuit of beauty.

For now, common paint market, there are three, respectively common paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint , these three paint production processes and materials has the dIstinction, in order to achieve different looks and protection.

common paint

In the three paint inside, common paint Is the most common, Is the most basic, the simplest process of paint. ThIs usually can be understood as a paint pigment paint, red Is red, white Is white, Will not have any other hue mingled, so thIsPaint color Is the most important feature of a single, pure, usually we see in the streets of white, black, red like a solid vehicles are generally used in common paint.

ordinary paint advantage Is that production costs are lower, the process Is simple, less expensive maintenance costs later for the majority of ordinary household economic models. But the dIsadvantage Is also obvious, monotonous color, paint relatively soft, easy to scratch, in addition, that a long time after the light-colored paint color easily oxidized.

using the general ordinary paint are the main economic benefits of family Cars such as the Honda Fit, the Toyota Vios, Volkswagen Jetta and other models.


metallic paint, by definition, have a metal component, in fact, to paint metal powder paint was added copper powder and aluminum powder. Metallic belongs double step, during spraying Will apply a surface layer of varnIsh to achieve the desired gloss and hardness.

From the process point of view it can be known, Is one of the advantages of high hardness metallic paint, after the addition of the metal component, the metal Is not easily scratch the paint finIsh injury, oxidation and corrosion resIstance stronger; of course, there Is an advantage of the vehicle body can be improved gloss, color or even the entire vehicle contour models Will be presented in different forms at different irradiation angles, light, color values ​​Will obviously ordinary Bibi some paint high.

As a more high-grade metallic paint level, step dIsadvantage Is much more complex than common paint, the price Will be more expensive, metal paint Cars are about 200,000 or higher prices of vehicles, such as Mazda Ate Zi (hybrid red), the new BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-class.

pearl finIsh

also known as pearl pearl paint lacquer or mica paint, metallic paint and the like are also it Is added to other powders and granules on the basIs of common paint, pearl paint and the metal particles are added, and “pearl powder” (mica particles). Pearlescent paint process requires a more complex workArts, layer by layer feed, process Is very complicated, so it Is also among the three most expensive price in the paint.

such as the Porsche 911 on the professor mentioned in the first paragraph of the article turbo S, it uses thIs pearlescent paint, coupled with the time consuming manual material itself cost, the price of paint to achieve the price of two BMW 3 Series.

As the advantages of pearl paint, needless to say, the degree of appearance, hardness, oxidation resIstance which are the highest three kinds of paint, but the dIsadvantages are also obvious, Is expensive, in addition to expensive , without faults! It Is because of such a high cost, thIs paint Is generally applied to one million above the luxury Car.

when buying a Car, the paint basically did not have much choice, after all, you can not buy a hundred thousand Cars give you dozens million for pearl paint choice, but in 20 to 10 000, or higher models where there Is a lot of choice, such as the Mazda E Tezi except the most expensive soul as well as more economical moving red paint (color )select.

In fact, a penny stock, to ask what kind of paint Is best, of course, Is the best expensive! Of course, we have to choose the right according to their own economic capacity. If you do not believe their technology, there Is often a small scratch small rub, do not want to spend too much money, might as well choose an ordinary paint; if they skilled, believe that they Will not be scratched, so he can buy What a good Will buy more, no comments for Tyrant, Professor!

In fact, in addition to choosing the paint, and also pay attention to the maintenance of paintwork, no matter what kind of paint, it Is difficult to avoid fading occurrence of the phenomenon, it Is timely for example, can add some antioxidants, light stabilizers and the like.

Is brought out of the Car, usually to clean lot, parked in the room as far as possible. Although the Car Is brought to use, but do not be too seriously, do not to touch-up painting when regret!