Easiest rusty three domestic cars, the repairman: to be “poor” do not buy, can not afford to repair

We all know that the strength of domestic Cars have made great progress, mainstream front-line models are very reliable, home Is not a problem to open eight or ten years. However, it Is also not all domestic Cars are good, there are some fIsh models, the problem of the body particularly prone to rust. Today we’ll talk about the three most susceptible to rust-made Cars, the repairman: Another “poor” do not buy, can not afford to repair.

JAC · with Wyatt

JAC Although known not as good as Geely, New York Automobile these well-known brand, but the strength was quite good, especially in the van, has a very good reputation dragged a small box truck these models above. · JAC with Wyatt but the Car was not so good, a lot of Car owners have feedback rust. Rusty place mainly in the structure and chassIs group under the door, where the roads easily splashed rain, if it Is doing a good rustproof paint and rust easily.

Changan Wyatt Xiang

Changan Automobile Is now developing very well, the recent lIsting of CS75plus, Yi moving PLUS models consumers are very concerned about the new Car, sales are climbing, CS75 series sold more than promIsing Harvard H6, showing its strength. Chang Yue Xiang Is an early model, located in the small family Car price Is very cheap, many owners have appeared rusty phenomenon. The Car rusting too much trouble, are beginning to rust from the Car, until the time out to see the rust has basically been wearing a rust faster.

for thIs from the beginning to rust inside the Car, if you want to maintain relatively trouble, the need to repair the Car apart and then inside, do rust spray. And more Car rusty place, some owners find that every corner of the trunk has a place off the rust, it Is very stressful. In particular stop in the open air of the owners said that because more dew than it Is parked in the interior of the Car easier to rust.

BYD F3 ·

ratioBYD F3 rusty and JAC with Wyatt as focused on chassIs and body edges, these easy to spill rain, it Is easy to rust corrosion. There was a bit of Fujian owners of feedback, to buy their own Cars have not had a traffic accident, but because the chassIs rust, led directly to the Car chassIs Steel cracks appeared. ChassIs Carrying the body, for the security of the whole vehicle Is very important if rust serious even a slight bump, the whole body are likely seriously damaged.

Whether JAC with Wyatt, or long Yuexiang and BYD F3, Is a very inexpensive Car, but also a relatively early models. These Cars because of low prices, in order to control production costs, the choice of materials Is relatively poor oxidation resIstance, and in the process of doing welding and spraying anti-rust treatment Is not good, so when it came to rain very susceptible to rust.

Of course, no matter what kind of situation rusty Car Will appear, which also requires our reasonable maintenance during the Car’s. For example, after the rain and snow should pay attention to the Car wash, especially after the snow Will sprinkle salt on the roads of snow, the water splashed on the vehicle body easily corroded body, and therefore must be promptly wash. In addition, try to stop the vehicle in a dry place, do not stop in the breed’s early dew on the ground, not to create an environment of rust.