Drive a car repair shop, we must seize the ten outlet, you also kept in the dark?

In recent years, the US Auto market after the rapid rIse, then, in the next decade, in terms of aftermarket brand, the pattern of Auto repair shops, Auto repair personnel training, what Will it change?

1. Aftermarket chain Is the rIse of a large-scale investment, “never bad money,” the 4S shop, a huge number of roadside family-run shop, the middle Is one of the few chain of Auto repair business, the three constitute the American Automotive industry, “two big middle small” business form the pattern. However, thIs pattern of resource rent by information technology and the formation of monopolies, sooner or later the market Will be eliminated Cuikulaxiu camel, and run at a low cost, high-service brand, characterized by chain Auto repair business – that Is, we are talking about the middle of that a small part, Will eventually rIse. By 2026, more than half of the US Automotive plant Will be incorporated into the chain’s brand. Group tentacles stretch 2.4S shop chain market 4S shop flooding rampant in the United States, Is the specific hIstorical conditions and policies caused, with the strengthening of the government’s anti-monopoly efforts, penetration of the market mechanIsm, 4S shop closures have already arrived. But the rich and powerful Car dealer group Is not to eat cooked rice, they Will follow the general trend, by virtue of exIsting resources and operating experience, to compete for brand aftermarket chain market. The past two years of Mercedes-Benz 100 domestic chain of quick repair shop project Is an example. So by 2026, the depot leading single-brand chain of fast repair aftermarket industry also Will take up at least 10% of the market.

3. Auto Repair rational dIstribution of a variety of formats to 2026, Auto repair and maintenance industry Will be formed “to set on the outskirts of large-scale comprehensive Auto repair center to guide the community a variety of formats,” the 1 + X frame format. Major accident repair and overhaul highly difficult to close in the large-scale comprehensive Auto repair center, its business Is characterized by “professional”; and ordinary fast repair and maintenance of the following board and four sheet metal painting business community Will be borne by the shop, which Is characterized by service. ” efficient. ” In short, owners can enjoy personalized Car service maximum.

4. The owners of the brand’s appeal to strengthen the US Automotive consumer with a high degree of dependence and low brand loyalty. They emphasIs on brand far exceeds the price or channels that branded products are safer than non-branded products, higher quality or more reliable. Unfortunately, for the maintenance of private Cars, the United States Is currently the owner does not seem to have much choice, the Car breaks down, simply does not know where to find a trustworthyRepair garages, so even if they know the high price of 4S also forced to get ripped off. On the one hand the pursuit of market-oriented, cost-effective, on the other hand the pursuit of the trustworthiness of the quality of service, plus 80 new generation of modern concept of the owners of 90, the entire Automotive aftermarket business to consumer groups brand growing demand. So, there Is no brand recognition and a variety of certified garages Will a large number of dead, out of the market.

▲ Zhuo a garage design renderings 5. equipment manufacturers to promote the brand aftermarket equipment to upgrade secondary Now, with the rapid economic growth and increasing population, garages survive the pressure increases, the contradiction between the return on investment to improve the efficiency of strong demand and low capacity more and more prominent. At the same time more and more stringent environmental regulations, which makes it more efficient and energy saving in the Car market became the most important topic. Thereby to improve the efficiency and environmental protection, new equipment, Automation equipment as demand Is also growing. Against thIs background, efficiency, environmental protection has become a primary research direction of many brands of equipment manufacturers. For example Sen Wan newly developed portable infrared heat lamp, Automatic cantilever heat lamp, painting rooms and other mobile devices, the use of electric energy but Is no longer the traditional liquefied gas energy, emIssions of only water and Carbon dioxide, not only energy saving but also improve 3 times the efficiency. In the next 10 years, “fast repair” concept Will be popular, coupled with a substantial increase in labor costs as well as maintenance of technology innovation, efficiency of maintenance equipment also high demands. ThIs Will promote the upgrading of secondary aftermarket equipment.

▲ Sen Wan-developed portable heat lamp, heat lamp Automation, large-scale mobile spray booth more than 6 parts total supplier of parts supply and growth Is an inevitable trend, so 10 During the year, it Will inevitably lead to different Cars, different regions for the number of large sections of parts suppliers separations.

7. “Repair Where” class platform with a single large chain store brand market territory Is growing, demand for the new generation of owners of similar platform also strongly up, It can also form a culture of evaluation. ThIs web platform Is likely to end by one of the phone APP + appeared way, and according to the laws of a network platform take-all, the nature of the platform also only be a single large.

8. The free practical garage management software appear paperless garage management operationsIt Is an inevitable trend. Future garage management software must be able to apply to all types of Auto repair business, combined with the Auto repair shop PC end and a variety of types of mobile terminal, maintenance technician, workshop director, Auto repair factory owner, financial, customer and other themes use different interfaces and ports. The most important thing Is basically a cloud storage software platform, free and open to the use of the garage, and service providers rely on big data and accept payment for a specific port to profit.

more than 9 Large private training aftermarket chain despite the Chinese government attaches great importance to vocational education, allocated huge sums of money to large and small vocational schools each year, but the root of public institutions ills, the decIsion can not be trained to support the market demand for technicians with real operation capabilities. The next decade, the gap maintenance technicians make up mainly by two ways, one chain own training base training, and the other Is to rely on private training institutions. As for vocational colleges, it can only do some basic knowledge of culture, education Hair nothing. The future of the US Automotive training market Is bound to be occupied by several large training institutions, certification authority that Issued gradually prominent in the industry.

10. The rating certification system Auto repair workers more perfect U.S.’s current certification system for Auto repair work has not been establIshed, Auto repair teams good and bad. Aftermarket industry wages have much room for growth. With the specification Automotive industry, service technician level certification system necessarily establIsh and gradually improve, wages Will be further improved. Creating professional Auto repair workers, thIs Is the mode of developed countries, the US Automotive market Is moving closer model.