Drainage papers | every car repair factory owner, a must-see promotions planning case!

Today I have to share Is: how to do an effective activity, that Is, to solve the difficult landing activities, the implementation of difficult Issues.

In fact, not only Is the store Showmanship Car Care industry thing, almost all sectors of the stores are facing thIs problem, Is how to attract consumers come in, how to convert potential consumers into a given consumer.

wait for customers to come Is certainly the most lazy way of selling, people are doing activities Showmanship, you no wIsdom for movement, you’re not selling the oil for the customer Why the hell to store your home, even if you sell the oil God, you do not say, nobody knows it? So yeah, now let’s talk about how to develop effective under the program of activities.

to do the activities it Is estimated we have done, the program of activities Will also write a movable floor on the difficult, the challenge in the material activities Yeah, information What are released out, time to be active, but embarrassing, ~ no ~ people ~ to ~!

01 how Showmanship door

now to talk about how Showmanship next door, some people may say, now what age, what vibrato Yeah circle of friends, so many people are concerned, additional information Is not on the line, in fact, do you Will find that ideal Is Yang’s full, the reality Is the mermaid bone sense. Vibrato, circle of friends Will not speak you send content how, make it burn ad above Is no better, of course you have money, you argue!

So yeah, drainage Is a prerequIsite for activities . compared to other Auto repair shop industry has a congenital advantage Is that our dIstrict Is much greater range than other stores, do not believe you store and barber shop next door Wang family of swap positions, three days later he Will Guarantee starving.

But it can not say that you do what Is not, on the other owners of the door, and now the market competition so fierce, you are not do not know, even if you are blond leggy beauties, not necessarily someone specifically looking for your repair. All Yeah,We are not lazy! Go out to walk two steps, going out, what Is your site, of course, nothing if dIstrict lines are generally presented as the center of the store, the range of five kilometers in diameter, if you went to Iraq that Is useless!

so-called drainage, it Is to find the owners of our father and bring him home. Now everyone has a Car, and thIs father Is also more up, but we have to go to the store according to their father’s operation, repair and repair of Maserati Jetta Is certainly not a father, so ha, objects make no mIstake thIs Is called self-positioning, consumer positioning, product positioning service or project.

choose and positioning must be worthy of their own stores Is consIstent , or else it Will not keep Dad (small series forgive it, the positioning of the class recently, regarded as the people lIsten to waste), as to how to find father, Ye Hao solve thIs problem, if it Is to do joint promotions with other industries, the consumption level Is almost on the election of the industry, if you choose to do community activities, on the night go to the community around the parking lot to see what the price of the Car Is on the line.

02 blasting critical point

Well, do not pull a calf, said the focus of the what!

If you have to understand the furniture industry, should know, before blasting the furniture industry popular activity called, drainage can be described as quite successful, a city of half a man down activities attracted over, the business can be described earned a mantle full of pots, food Bangdayaoyuan, and thIs blast Will follow two main key points First, the pre-water, the second Is designated to detonate . pre-impoundment Is to collect and offer information, Is designated to detonate a breakthrough point, turnover of the two-day event would easily exceeded a million.

we have just said, data collection and solicitation are very important, which Is Why we store the necessary homework every day, you can be honest a garage and then powerful, each guests also three months of five hundred people, according to the offer during the event effective conversion rate of five percent Is not much to count, so the data collection and accuracy Is very important.

But I think for garages for conditions in thIs area than in the furniture industry, much stronger, at least the number and accuracy Is guaranteed, after all, vehicle maintenance a year good times, but also then a few times to buy furniture for a lifetime.

to collect data in addition to the garage from the previous customer service, more to come from the community (of course, if you have a 4S store channel words could not be better but a), chose the community because community-scale centralized screening Is most convenient to promote the most accurate.

If a larger communities Plow words, enough to meet the needs of a garage, and then if the activities done well and the owner form sticky, later also to worry about popular hot drink, so the promotion of the community Is extremely important. According to personal opinion, some services garages also can do locations to vIsit in the community.

collect the furniture industry in general community information from the management office or sweep floors and other channels to obtain here that the other channels not talked about here, it Is more difficult and a waste of energy a.

sweep the floor, the way most hard but for the furniture industry Is the most effective, because it can filter out precIse customer, can also be activities for effective advocacy, and our industry Is much simpler , the direct docking management office can get the accurate information. Others say thIs time if people are allowed to enter the door of the community, then I can only say that you still wash sleep! After

03 client classification

data collection up, the next step Is and to offer customer classification, for example, the intention Is strong customer a +, followed by a, B, C.

divIsion level Is Carried out in the course of the pre-sweep floors and a telephone or other form of solicitation, the client level in thIs process Is continuously adjusted, the role of thIs part of our staff essential. Not only have attractive enough, then surgery, and even the tone of the conversation keywords Is to go through the exercIse, also aA phone call, a master solicitation Is often 3 to 5 times the other person. So we reward staff that every day before the end of the work must be Carried out.

Many people may think, telephone solicitation opportunity Is not too small, but you can not deny that it Is also the lowest cost, as long as the master certain skills compared to the micro-letter the success rate text messages and the like are much higher. If you want a little higher, then again not as good as some of diligent directly to sweep the floor.

But one thing we must remember that no matter offer, sweep the floor, or what other form of solicitation, to make them receive some benefit advance , Is the petty advantages, so you can obtain the trust of each other’s success rate Will be larger. For example, ten yuan Vending send a cup or something pillow, capable of reaching and so when free maintenance 1L oil can be stored into the store.

In addition, different industries can also choose to conduct joint promotions, such as catering, entertainment, insurance industry, etc., mutual benefit and common sharing of resources.

but then added back to the industry, in order to solve the customer less, low priced Issues, relying solely on activities can only temporarily improve your turnover, really want to retain people can only be ground inner strength, strengthen technological learning, improve service quality.