Down for four auto parts do not waste even a second-hand goods, but also a better price

Car to a lot of our lives convenient, because it Is very convenient for travel after the Car, where to go and when to have greater Autonomy, so that people who buy a Car more too much.

but keep the Car really Is more difficult, due to the continuous development of Automobile industry, Car prices fell, but further emphasizes the Car’s follow-up costs, such as Car maintenance, insurance, gasoline, etc. are required to spend a lot of money. Therefore, with limited financial resources the owner should learn how to save money. For example, in the Car Is a good example of the repair, maintenance vehicles, down for four Auto parts do not waste even a second-hand goods, but also a better price.

1, a generator or air conditioning compressor, if the need to replace parts are usually slightly larger damage the internal parts. Often large 4S shop directly replace it, but then if you replace these parts if we did not take it, they can then be used again by repair parts, or to sell it to scrap shop, thIs Is to make money.

2, the battery, the member for Automobile Is also easy loss, so the Car battery replacement frequency Is relatively high, if properly maintained, replace about six once. If the battery Is poor quality, you may need to replace the battery within three years. The price of a new battery Is calculated based on the quality, the cheapest battery to spend a few hundred dollars, even if the battery Is dead, could be sold for around $ 100.

3, used tires, tires, and if the surface has aged or not a big problem, in fact, tinkering can also be used again, so if the used Car market also sent to you can buy tens of dollars. There Is a hub, since the surface Is actually no need to replace the rust, paint can continue to use it up points after polIshing.

4, catalytic converters, in thIs section can actually recover some precious metal, which Is very expensive, thIs Is a very important component, it Is installed in the exhaust system of a purifier, if not, then thIs device, Car exhaust Will probably not up and down after the replacement of old parts to sell, then you can sellA few hundred dollars.

ThIs Is a good thing for the owners, because some of the money can be saved. Because the Car itself Is a costly thing, and each of the parts on the Car are the high consumption of products, but fortunately these things down for valuable, but can also be sold, which may be part of the back , although not a lot, but in fact, used to refuel Is good, because the fuel must be added.