Domestic car vehicle not do electrophoresIs, who likes to rust it? After reading you Will know

Is now in the Automotive manufacturing process, BIW are to go through electrophoresIs, the question if there Will be no electrophoresIs vehicle rust in the short term. But only one process electrophoresed Car anti-corrosion treatment, in addition to electrophoresIs, galvanized steel body cavity wax injection, corrosion plastic chassIs Is also very important.

domestic brands workshop susceptible to rust for many reasons, and some manufacturers to reduce the cost of using ordinary steel instead of galvanized steel, causing problems arIse in the short term vehicle corrosion. There Is not anti-corrosion treatment process of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to certain locations prone to corrosion.

There Is a position to reduce the corrosion process, causing the vehicle protection in place, the body lead to the emergence of corrosion. Sometimes we can not just buy a Car configuration and price, workmanship vehicle technology Is also very important, there are a lot of things success depends on details.

phosphate can not say whether the vehicle has, the person in charge of the manufacturers should have.

steel galvanizing process not every manufacturer can do, and not before the eighties and nineties galvanizing process it.

As only a small cavity wax injection that manufacturers do not guarantee to every nook and corner can note.

Styrofoam chassIs do not wIsh for, both internally and externally when the nineties site has a thick layer, brake hose fixing screws are buried inside the styrofoam let alone rust capability.

As for the paint would be three times more to wIsh for, eighties and nineties always rust, primer, paint and even together again light oil varnIsh, film thickness did not have to say . After the now non-surface locations paint again entirely omitted, i.e., non-surface locations have clear finIshes and varnIshesPaint, paint color only and accessible primer.

at 0.8mm cold-rolled sheet and galvanized sheet 1.2mm understanding, open-air warehouse Brilliance U.S. and BMW Cars stand the wind and rain every day, to understand the difference seen!