Do not rush to the car scratch repair 4S shop, several small coup can handle, read on to understand

Car scratched do not rush to 4S repair shop, a few small coup can handle, read on to understand

then as now more social progress the faster it be, living conditions are also getting better and better, the best show living conditions are good, which Is now a lot of people buy a Car. Because now people in their income that Is slowly improving so many people, he would order hIs job Is easy or convenient to travel a certain economic capacity, they have to buy their own Car. Now, then also drove so many people, people who understand the Car Is less and less today, then let me give you some small share knowledge on Automotive aspects of it.

So now if a lot of people buy a Car, I believe the situation have experienced scratch it, most owners have also found their Car scratched, many people do not know how to get their own, then went to the beauty shop Car repair. In fact, if there Is no significant scratches, then hIs words also can be solved completely, here and in what ways I look at it.

then we know that the Car on the road when the inevitable Will have thIs situation rub bump scratch, and now many people Will touch, crash the thing of it Is also very common, not to mention thIs Is a small scratch it. After many owners find that their Car, scratches scratched it, and very angry, because in that case the Car Will not only affect the appearance, if the worst case, it Will cause a vehicle to rust, or spend a lot of money to be repaired. Here Points teach you some tips now.

If the scratch Is very small, it can be repaired with toothpaste. You toothpaste lightly coated in place scratched, then let’s use a piece of cloth and gently rub the same amount, to a large extent Will be able to significantly reduce the degree of scratches, Will avoid air erosion of the paint.

and some are a little severe, but the situation you do not touch the primer it, you can go to the store to buy some decorating and your body color pen color believe to remedy. So before you first use the Shake up painting. When it cast up painting, etc. After it dries, you once again marked a new wax on it. in caseHe said primer Is a large area has been exposed, thIs situation Is recommended that you go to a professional Auto repair shop repair, though it cost more money, but you can be to remove scratches.

For most Car scratched in general are very small, can use the above method to remedy, I do not know what you have remedy it?