Do not mention it away! New York West Railway Station area spring night bus service guide


1 Highlights: in case of a small taxi ride personnel, long queuing time situation. It Is recommended to change bus or free shuttle bus and other vehicles left the West Station area, and back to take a taxi or other vehicles to reduce your waiting time.

2. Concern “West Station Area” micro-channel public number, query the bus trips, site location, time of arrival, intermodal transfer, night service and other information transfer, allowing you to select a reasonable change multiply.

3. West Point area has been opened free Wifi and regional navigation services, search “Xizhandiqu” network to log in using the “West Point area navigation”, while the opening of navigation “West Point area “micro-letter applet functions, easier navigation to provide assIstance to travelers.

4. In case of Car problems, Car boot service personnel consulting area. (Yellow vest ushers, security guards and volunteers blue vest)

(West Point area micro-channel public number)