Do not mention car ignorant circle writeup of ten note to mention cars

We all know that buying a Car Is very particular, look to see the brand look engine configuration, and a lot to pay attention to the selection criteria. Do you think buying a Car pay attention to much that after a test drive to see the Car, after repeatedly measure the cost-effective enough? NO! You know Barry Is only half of 90. So the question Is, the last “ten” in the end what Is it? Yes! That link to mention Car! To know really a lot of knowledge to mention Cars, good to be Carefully examined from the doors, engine, chassIs to the tires, or Is likely to eat Yaba Kui. Once out of the shop, you can only go aftermarket claims, or expect recalled.

So today we talk about a few ideas for the novice driver put the Car must pay attention!

a, observed odometer reading km

Car odometer readings typically 10 to 80 km km, mention Car at first checks whether the debrIs tank fin, the front seat and a plastic protective packaging paper Is complete, ride vehicle position and metering Is there a place was dirty.

Of course, small or suggested election Car, an election as early as possible with a full LCD instrumentation, mention Car can quickly learn more information about the new Car data. For example, similar to the new Geely Dorsett thIs three theme style, 3D graphics and great sense of technology for clearer, large LCD screen can dIsplay a clock, speed, temperature, gear position, mileage and trip computer information.

Second, the View factory time

provide custom Car, seen to be noted that factory date (month must be produced), such as the date and mention Car apart too long, as thIs Car may show Car or test drive the Car. Do pay attention Oh! (Of course, if mentioning that the new Car market, basically do not need to worry too much about thIs a little!)

(3) Compared to other date information

not only that but also remember to put the Car with the sales staff ask for the date of manufacture and delivery date, detailed comparIson of the proposed vehicle. Make sure you mention that official with a new Car!

IV to guard against mIsuse Car

after buying the Car, new Car sales 4S need to do a variety of licensing and procedures, be sure to make a note of the number of odometer, so as not to allow sales drove everywhere Oh!

V. See mechanical portion

the first engine look, a good job should be oil-free appearance, responsive sensitive startup, no jitter, smooth sound. Hand touching the hood, no significant shake, get in the Car, basically can not hear the sound of the engine. Observe the battery status, green indicates a fully charged battery in good condition and, if it Is black or white, it indicates that insufficient or damage the best charging as soon as possible.

VI See chassIs after reading the engine, low body may wIsh to look after the running for some Car under the ground. To see if there are signs of water-free performance, some hidden fault for judging helpful. In addition to the normal situation dripping water exhaust pipe, the other portion of the oil should not have any water leakage. If conditions permit, may wIsh to complete at the site to see if there scratching wounds, whether the pipeline obvious unreasonable.


tire “lanugo” look normal Car tire sidewall should be without any damage, especially front tire wall. No traces of pinning the tread, front and rear tires lanugo alive Preferably, at least the rear wheel should be able to see lanugo, if four bare, no half root hairs, and the local road Is not bad, we should think again!


to see the door skillful Eligible door switch force should be uniform, no abnormal noIse. Good rubber sealed, airtight closing can see a noticeable effect, and the door Will be similar to the final section of the suction force to close the door. Edge paint intact under the door frame, if it Is found worn or dirty, it Is necessary to consider whether the storage conditions of thIs Car ideal.

IX Carefully

Check the appearance of the vehicle to choose a new Car, the stringency of the appearance Is very important, it Is recommended to mention here that everyone in the Car can claim two of the same model Car, pay attention to body gap and paint. Such observations have skills, focusing on observation bumpers and body gaps, cracks and doors front and rear bumpers, paint inside and outside the Car door to see if there Is color and so on. Check the Car paint, it Is best to observe the light Is daylight, any Issue can not hide. If you are in the exhibition hall, can be diagonally opposite to the direction of observation of the sun, you can have the same effect.

Of course, if you still worried about mIssing details Careless, Careless mention a defective Car? If you happen to have such thoughts, as in choosing Cars, the more meticulous designs to choose some models, I believe that thIs type of Car painting techniques used must also be the latest and most advantageous!


It Is necessary to clean the interior

no other trim, clean first. Interior should be clean, especially the MinIstry of dirty easilyPoints, such as around the handle and the interior lights. Electric parts or mechanical parts should be light and flexible, no run between mIscellaneous. Compartment floor clean and free of stains. Check the interior lights, it should work well. Seat cover removed white packaging site, check if there are abnormal original leather seat cover, a cup holder and cover glasses of these vulnerable parts should try several times, to ensure fully functional. Also in the control of all the functions of button press again to see whether the abnormal situation.

Of course, we believe that in addition to cleaning, interior quality feel and Is easy to maintain if the last to be considered. We suggest that you select with a water-soluble material seat models, not only environmentally friendly, but also very easy to take Care of Oh! ThIs Is definitely the voice of experience!

In an example Imperial new seat with leather material wrapped; Greener seat cortex using water-soluble material; seat suture equipment imported from Germany, better quality, more environmentally friendly.

Summary: mention Cars, in addition to the excitement, more Is to be Careful, do Do not let the joy dazzled. If they’re afraid to mention the Car stepped on mine, it must first pay attention to the election in the Car, it Is best to choose high-quality, brand reputation of a good Car, and high volume products.