Do not let the car air-conditioning in summer become a “deadly air conditioning”! Summer air-conditioning use errors inventory!

can be described as hot weather Is windy, some regions consecutive day release dozens of high-temperature warning information. Face summer hot weather, natural and ultimately drove the Car air-conditioning. The proper use of air conditioning can really lower the temperature, improve human comfort. But if the air conditioning used improperly, then it may damage the vehicle, and even become a “deadly air conditioning.” So to correctly use of air conditioning, refrigeration achieve skills, while ensuring safety.

After stopping the air conditioning to sleep or et al.

summer air conditioning Is required to start the compressed machine, while the compressor Is required to drive the engine. When the vehicle idling fuel combustion Is not sufficient, and easily lead to accumulation of Carbon monoxide. High concentrations of nitrous oxide causes the body to poIsoning, even death. If the vehicle Is longer, thIs phenomenon Is more serious, it Will increase the cost of the vehicle Carbon monoxide. Especially indoors or in vehicles parked in the basement, Carbon monoxide poIsoning are more prone to accidents, and accidents Will be staged thIs year.

after on the bus immediately open air

Even in summer, the vehicle’s engine Is also to reach operating temperature, after reaching the operating temperature of the engine to achieve the best lubrication. Summer starts using the compressor, if not reached the working condition, it Will increase the burden on the vehicle engine. Summer should first open ventilation, the temperature Is lowered so that the Car, start the vehicle, the best air conditioning and other vehicles on again after traveling a few minutes.

has been used in the air conditioning cycle

must first start when the air conditioning Is turned on outside cycle, so that the inside temperature decreases when the temperature decreases after the Car, so you can turn in the cycle. If long-dIstance travel, Is not always on the inner loop, the inner loop Will reduce the Car’s oxygen and air quality, easy to feel tired. Therefore, the need for air conditioning cycle alternating inside and outside use.

have a minimum conditioned air volume at

Although Automotive air conditioning with air filter, air filter but in effect Is limited, some of the fine dust or moIsture or bacteria Will still enter the air conditioning ducts. If long-term use of air conditioning small amount of wind, then it Will lead to the dust and other substances accumulate in the air conditioning, a long time not only clog the duct, but also the breeding of various bacteria. Hence the need for regular air volume of the air-conditioning was the biggest opening for air conditioning ducts cleaned.

down the air conditioning vent

According to physics, hot air Is floating , while cold air Is descending, if the outlet has been down, it Will be thought of as the heat under the cold. The correct way Is to vent up, let the cold wind blowing top of the vehicle, and then sink, so you can quickly lower the temperature inside the Car.

air conditioning Is not timely closed

air conditioning should be turned off a few minutes before the vehicle Is turned off, and not to turn off the air conditioning turned off, or do not turn off air conditioning. If you turn off and then turn off the air conditioner or air conditioning Is not turned off, then start the next time the air conditioner Will increase the burden on the vehicle, while the ventilation system of the vehicle Is also easy to breed bacteria.

long time without cleaning air conditioning

cleaning air conditioning Is very important, if long no clean air, due to moIsture in the air conditioning, it Will lead to a large number of breeding bacteria. These bacteria have an impact on human health, while also reducing the cooling effect of the vehicle.

for a long time without the use of air conditioning

Some people are not accustomed to the use of air conditioning, of course, In order to save fuel Is not turned on air conditioning. If not using air conditioning, it Will lead to insufficient lubrication of the compressor, leading to pipeline leaks. No matter what the reason-based, air-conditioning should be turned once a month.

conditioning the use of veryImportantly, the correct use of air conditioning Is able to maintain the good performance of the vehicle, while ensuring safety. Summer must correctly use of air conditioning, do not let the Car air-conditioning to become “deadly air conditioning.”