Do not ignore! Car tires have these types of situations must be replaced! The third case of the most dangerous!

a lot of riders in the use of the Car for the Car on a regular basIs to do regular maintenance on time Is very, very in place, including Automotive interior and exterior maintenance Will regularly clear, even waxing glazing. Often forget that the most difficult Automotive parts: tires, tire factory and even long-term use, as long as it Is not broke do not change.

good Car just like an athlete, and thIs athlete Is the tire shoes, then there Is no good shoes cow athlete not to play after all hIs skill, serious the body Will be hurt. Car, too, so usually take good Care of the Car but also Careful of Car tires, Car tires have the following conditions must be replaced! OtherwIse, ranging from the cost of oil! While in a major security rIsk! More harm than good.

a, tire wear has to wear the mark

Will have the market all the tires in the tire grooves at a wear mark, the mark height of 1.6mm, the tire tread groove with a minimum depth that Is to say the launch Is 1.6mm, if you tire wear to thIs position, that in relation to change a tire, no matter how short the time you use, as long as the proposed replacement of worn or damaged.

Hazard: paved road usually increase the contact area with the ground, resulting in a power loss Is increased cost of oil. When driving on slippery surfaces, such as roads after the rain, tire groove Is not deep enough, water can not be completely sold under the tires, thIs lack of grip when the vehicle Is easy to control, while the loss of grip when braking Is very dangerous.

Second, the more serious tire damage

Such breakage two cases, 1, breakage of the tread; 2, frayed or damaged

first tread damage more common, such as the way down to a nail or the like, if such a case the tread bar Is typically less than 6mm wells without replacement tire tread or replenIsh usable. But if punctured some of the things irregular exceed 6mm or replace it.

followed by the side of the tire if it Is damaged, thIs Is the recommended replacement, because the weakest side of the tire, when the Cars are deformed by the impact of the side. If you received a damaged side, not the severity of the dIscussion, if problems arIse in the case of high speeds, very serious consequences.

hazards: traffic accidents security rIsks, especially side damage.

Third, a tread, a sidewall bulge

Under normal Car causes various reasons, such as patched tires, by the impact more often, badly worn, the side abrasions, etc., are likely to lead to a tire tread, a side drum kits, drum kits of thIs situation Is very dangerous, if a puncture occurs on the highway, the vehicle may suddenly out of control accident, all occurrences thIs situation must be replaced with new tires as soon as possible.

Fourth, the long life of the tire

since many owners buy a Car, usually drive might Care about, tires there have been no problems, so the tires have been using, not a bad idea to hold the tire on the first open. But you know about the tire’s useful life Will usually five years, and then a long time, tire rubber on the examination aging serious, hardened rubber grip plunged the vehicle, increased tire noIse, the Car Will be more costly oil, some Car owners usually pay great attention maintenance of vehicles, but the Car Is probably the reason the cost of oil tire oh.

Further aging of the tire as well as the rIsk of puncture. Even if you usually Car tire less well protected not wear very serious, pay close attention to the life of replacement tires.

so also remind riders pay more attention to their tire situation, do not ignore! Tire problems arIse, ranging from a cost oil, interior noIse increases, the weight may cause the rIsk of accidents because of a flat tire! Do not be taken lightly!

You use the experience it in terms of what tires?