Do not go to the car wash and waxing! The unusual thing painted car, private car a new look

white Car Is not dirt, so many people do not like to use thIs Car. Even a plated film can easily be rubbed off, leaving unsightly stains, more people can not bear to look. And go to the Car wash Car washing and waxing Is really expensive, how to do it? Is only away from the white Car? Of course not! Teach you the recipe, it Is easy to clean the Car.

Car cleaning stains how

General board coated with a wax film hardly occurs stains , but also long-term or long-term wind and rain has stopped in the air-conditioning was conditioned water droplets leaving water stains, water stains how to clean it? in fact, as long as we usually use toothpaste gently place the wax film wear coated and then wipe off water stains Will dIsappear friends. Then wash wipe scrub and then on ok

stickers how to clean up

a lot of Cars above sticker, such as He said personalized stickers, or annual sticker. In fact, wind spirits can also get rid of those stubborn stickers, and like these paint stains can be removed. Balm organic binder may dIssolve some manual, some stains can also play a role in dIssolution, washing brushes or wiper towel again becomes clean.

how to clean upholstery

we all feel dirty interior can only go to the Car wash Car wash, its practical kitchen baking soda cost a few cents can be cleaned well. Local only need to cover the baking soda stains, can add a little bit of white vinegar or lemon juice, wait a while, and then gently wipe a wet rag, you can very clearly see the stains have dIsappeared friends , the appearance of the Car, then paint with wax film also give better protection oh.