Do not go to the black heart of the auto repair shop, car repair these tricky, you know how much?

vehicle maintenance for our Car owners Is inevitable, not many people got the idea for the Car repair, Car repair you know how much Is actually inside the transmIssion of the dIsease have? The following Will give you inventory of vehicle maintenance Issues that exIst, later to be Careful!

First: private vehicle Is

us to repair, especially in bad repair in a short time they often Will be on maintenance, then wait two days to come pick up the Car. But you know, a lot of repair shops have the case of the customer’s private Car occurred. In fact, when we usually watch TV often see a maintenance man began to strike up a conversation owners of luxury Cars out sIster. In fact, thIs situation Is normal in the repair shop, such as driving your Car to go out to do a thing, eat a meal and the like are small, some simply take your Car when hIs Car to open.

encountered thIs kind of black-hearted shop, we’d better check your odometer and fuel gauge before repairs yourself an eye, so that time Is also justified tell.

Second: Parts shoddy

Car maintenance and repair there Is also one of the most people can not accept transmIssion of the dIsease, that Is, some black heart of our stores Will be replaced with old parts from elsewhere Pa down to change down. Such sinIster business everywhere, for their own little profit, they are simply doing their utmost, in the face of thIs situation many of us have not the slightest way, because you do not know him give you change what Is new or after polIshed package of old parts.

Faced with thIs situation the only thing we can do Is try their deceptive practices Will be destroyed at the source, for example, we Will be in for pieces after we change to take down the old parts. Of course, thIs Is certainly not prevent thIs from happening, but at least they can not give directly to create opportunities for black heart repair.

Third: Not required to complete the repair project

Some Auto repair shop Is rubbIsh, most of them good at doing the right thingDeceive customers and cut corners, we do not often appear in the same place and time to repair the actual repair of the project, we do not need repair items may appear in the repair lIst, but did not find some faults may also appear in the among the lIst of maintenance, in short, a lot of black heart repair business in order to earn the money to do anything.

Fourth: dIsassemble the Auto parts

Some repair business owners they are not allowed into the shop to see their own vehicle maintenance situation, thIs sinIster business are still many, they are likely to be major components of the owners Will be allowed to dIsassemble, and thIs behavior Is very infuriating. They themselves do not look right to prevent the owner of the repair site, thIs Is exactly Why a glance.

when repairing a Car repair place Will have to get tricky, some black heart repair business really Is to make money out of doing anything.