Do not choose the best car three colors, repair the master tells the reason, it makes sense

Is now available in the market of many types of Cars, we want to buy a Car, resolve to buy which brand of Car, and for which the Car later determined to buy it, there Is a problem in tangled, and that Is what we should choose the color of the Car, in fact, for the Car’s color, it says it Is also good to say, because after all, the Car’s color, everyone has hIs own hobbies, everyone has hIs own preferences, that Is to say that if he likes what color, what color you can go to buy Cars, but for many people, they also often tangled, because they do not know which color you like, do not know what their preferences are, at thIs time they Will ask someone, what better color of the Car should I buy it?

then referred to thIs Issue, we must ask, the color of the Car important? In fact, on thIs question, the answer Is yes, when we usually go out, there are a lot of very nice to see the outside of the Car, Will not consciously see more of them glances. However, we also know that any time we have to understand thIs matter, we have not bought the Car to look at, the most important thing Is to open the road, so we are driving down the road when the bumps can not be avoided thIs thing, because after all, too many Cars on the road, the driver for it in terms of their driving skills Is uneven, so that for a Car Is concerned, we bought some small scratch small rub Is not avoid, and for small small scratch happens rub, after thIs thing, that our Car Will inevitably touch-up painting, if that you consider thIs problem, then the choice of Car color Will have a choice of range because maintenance instructors Will tell us that thIs Car several colors best not to buy, because both touch-up painting or maintenance Will be a lot of trouble, then what are these types of colors do?

First of all, it’s our first Car Is a red Car, although most people like a red, red road now Car lot, but for most people, most still choose white or black, but if there Is a red Car, then the road Will be very interesting, butAnd we usually find it, select thIs color, usually the driver of the Car driver, the driver drove when we do, it Is prone to tension, of course, what we do not have here. In particular point of view, we are matter-so to speak, but for a driver, once he was nervous, it would prone to all kinds of things, because it Is a tense collIsion or scratched may occur, and such color Car do? If you’re up painting late in time, in terms of process or from the operation Will be more trouble, Will be more trouble than any other color of the Car, then do not say anything else, because, at the time of maintenance, it’s a complex process , and also in trouble, then its price Is certainly more expensive, so the maintenance of the master Will recommend our red Car, although more beautiful, but it Is better not to buy, say if you take into account the maintenance of late then.

The second, that Is, pearlescent paint Car, paint it thIs candle, also known as mica paint, it hurt the Car thIs gas, we usually while on the road Is often possible to see that thIs Car body surface of it, are generally reflective, that we see thIs Car, that they Will feel an impact, although thIs Car Is very nice, but it Is also in the maintenance to be more expensive than some other color of the Car. Like red paint the Car, its maintenance process Will be more complex than other paint, and once complicated, then its price Will be higher, so that, in the end we do not want to choose thIs time in the choice of Car colors as the Car had four overall to judge ah, although thIs show Car looks cool, but in the subsequent maintenance process, you want to keep it bright beautiful, but to pay the cost , they are to spend money.

Third, we have to mention the color Is pearl white, pearl white Car for us to be aware that many people when buying a Car, if not consider buying a black Car, then usually choose white white Car looks relatively clean, relatively comfortable, but the white of it, we have to dIstinguIsh, becauseWhite pearls are generally divided into white and white two kinds, we see it in the usual way Cars are generally bright white, the color of the Car and then, in the touch-up painting, she does not need special technology, but If it Is pearl white, then thIs Car in qi, when in fact it Is very technical and maintenance technicians test hIs skill not a home, then let him fill out the finIsh Is very ugly, because it Will give the whole Car create a feeling of dIsharmony, thus affecting the aesthetic level of the Car, so at thIs level it does, we choose the color of the Car when the Car Is for the color to be Careful.

Of course, we have to clear, the choice of Car color, we mentioned thIs better not choose these three colors , in fact, are based in the event of a bump or rub based at its relatively high maintenance costs of the case. And if you think your driving skills better, or Is in the past for a long period of time, especially the scratching event did not happen, then to choose the color of the Car Is no problem, but after all, buy back Car are you open? We can according to their preferences to choose a variety of colors, while the latter part of maintenance or repair occurs after the scratching Is not even. On thIs Issue, how do you see it.