Do not be fooled and do not be scared insured name, these insurers pay any attention to be careful!

floating in rivers and lakes, how can I not the knife, everyone’s Car Is also true, so there Is a wide variety of insurance to respond to emergency situations, but not all are worth to buy insurance , only some low cost, Is likely to buy back have been no need, so today we avoid thIs article Is to step on mine.

the whole Car pilfer

the whole Car pilfer as one of the four main rIsk, in fact, Is not cost-effective high, but most of the sales in the introduction Will call it pilfer, many consumers take it for granted it as long as the Car parts or robbery insurance company Will claim.

In fact, the whole Car pilfer robbed only for the vehicle Is stolen, for example, after you go to work the Car roadside stop, after work, did not find the Car insurance to take effect, and your driving license, invoice, purchase tax documents and original Car keys can not be lost, in addition to being lost as fraud, civil behavior and lead to economic dIsputes to be lost illegal check, natural dIsasters, parked in the parking fees are not paid to give, it can be very pit father.

Of course, it Is also suitable for people, such as a garage and often no fixed open stop, in the poor security area, the security system can be considered imperfect purchase, but the normal situation, the situation Is in effect the whole Car pilfer too targeted, and most people do not need to buy.

wading rIsk

sudden summer storm season, many people have asked to understand the brother want to buy wading insurance, but in before giving the answer, we need to first look at what Is in the end wading insurance and its coverage.

wading rIsk may also be called “special engine damage insurance”, the compensation Is only damage to the vehicle due to the engine inlet, the other vehicle parts due to water damage, all according to the terms of Car damage claims, and turn off the engine after the second ignition yourself again have to bear the responsibility for yourself, in addition to the water like interiors, electronic parts damaged They are not compensable in.

In summary it can see, if your area Is often rains frequently traveling by Car or the number of times you can consider buying, or would not consider buying.

vehicle liability insurance

vehicle liability insurance Is aimed primarily at the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, the Car to protect the personal staff casualties, but it also includes a special case.

For example, passenger overloading and other illegal activities Is not compensable; moreover insured during the insurance to non-commercial operators take the identity of the passenger traffic accidents tool, you may not receive compensation; as well as process if you bring your private Car ran drops encountered unforeseen circumstances, the same Is not compensable.

But if you drive often bring friends or others to consider, and if the novice can also consider buying.

scratches insurance

scratches insurance in these insurance Is relatively high price, but there are still significant limitations, and because the scratch Is a high probability event, many insurance companies Will limit the purchase.

Further below thIs situation occurs, the payment Is not given. For example, there Is a dIspute scratches not lose, especially children bear thIs, most Will not lose, can only swallow broken teeth inside, of course, if you are compounding the best; moreover also lead to parking chaos the reason Is not lost, was splashed with paint or natural corrosion Is not lost, and the last to potentially fraudulent if it Is deliberately scratches Will not pay more, which Is Why many insurance companies to limit purchases.

that under what circumstances it worth buying? There Is no fixed parking spaces, just bought a new Car, especially luxury Cars, you can consider buying.