Do not be deceived due to lack of sheet metal auto repair shop

With the dramatic increase in Car ownership, Car crash and scrape accidents rose rapidly. Car Maintenance sheet metal repair maintenance accounting for about 27% of …

Car crash and scrape

At present, for sheet metal of the vehicle collIsion and scratch repair as follows:

(1) grinding the outside of the sheet metal parts of the paint coating required


(2) with a gasket integrally welding machine Is needed where the maintenance sheet metal

welded sheet metal

(3) and the hydraulic device for manually resetting knock complement

reset sheet metal

(4) after shaping sheet metal, using putty powder filling

using the sheet metal putty powder filling

(5 ) and then after grinding, polIshing, waxing, a sheet metal part of the effort to complete the repair of the master sheet metal

FIG effect after painting

few irresponsible repair factory sheet metal repair work so far, they take advantage of the current lack of knowledge of the majority of customers, after the sheet metal repair corrosion prevention deliberately artificial omitted Why the sheet metal Rust protection must be done?

When using a sheet metal shaping shaping apparatus, the same high temperature welding destroys the galvanized steel sheet and galvanized surface layer of paint on the back of the plastic parts. Steel body temperature so that the molecular structure Is dIsrupted more easily oxidized.

High temperature soldering

Is not performed after Corrosion preventive and protective sheet metal repair following problems exIst:

(1) unprotected portion rust;

(2) water leaking from the inside rust, rust;

(3) the appearance of paint cracking, bulging, flaking.

The test authorities: Car corrosion of a metal material per 1%, 10% reduction in structural strength. Therefore, corrosion prevention Is an essential condition of the vehicle for safe use

Appearance paint cracking, bulging, flaking

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principle analysIs

Car weight reduction to improve fuel economy strength, a stamping and welding in the design of the vehicle thus forming a large number of numerous independent cavities.

Once these complex cavities by the impact of scratching by the conventional techniques Is difficult for the interior cavity of the corrosion prevention process. So now the Car Is rusting from the inside out.

Comparative analysIs of

Po sheet metal (lumen wax) having a range between the ultra-rust and anti-rust oil strong penetration; effective prevention of the corrosion products can be used to compensate for defects of rust and rust preventive oil. With the appropriate tools to overcome the problems of traditional anti-rust paint in the cavity can not be construction.

BAOYING sheet metal comprIsing: superior permeability (as an example to the vehicle body door): As the door inner electrical wiring, switches, speakers, a glass elevating mechanIsm, bumper reinforcement tube and so on, so the sheet metal treasure permeability must be more than 7 cm, in order to achieve full coverage, full penetration.

raw materials

German DINOL company DINITROL rust inhibitor brand since 1950 as a large-scale aviation, marine products, bridges, railways use of the subject vehicle and the chemical industry has never stopped. The Automobile industry as an example: every year more than 10 million Cars use DINITROL brand of anti-rust agents, products throughout the world.

DINITROL rust Application

reason to use DINIROL sheet metal treasure

a, DINOL over 80 years only focus on corrosion prevention.

Second, all DINITROL products Germany local production, imported.

Third, environmental protection, safety: All DINIITROL production standards in line According to 1907/2006 / ec of the relevant provIsions, excluding the European Chemicals Laboratory attention of harmful substance.

four, DINOL company’s long-term involvement and responsible NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) organized the drafting of military purpose vehicles corrosion prevention product testing and application of norms. All DINITROL products have received the most stringent test.

Fifth, the leader of the market as a corrosion prevention, DINOL and NCB, NATO global military establIshment purpose vehicles corrosion prevention product procurement supply network coding system (PN7BAA NIIN), all DINITROL products It Is the result of long experience in the market benchmark products.

Suitable equipment Po sheet metal to provide you easiest

DINOL Po Is a sheet metal having the super high permeability rust wax chamber, which penetrate the ductility of greater than 7 cm

DINITROL- sheet metal rust Po cavity wax technical data sheet (Laid