Do not apt to paint, automobile depreciation of the deal Is off, older drivers: ThIs Is a car crash.

Do not apt to paint, Automobile depreciation of the deal Is off, older drivers: ThIs Is a Car crash

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with the economic development and consumption level, more and more consumers to buy a Car, the Car as a large object in household spending, after buying the Car owners must be doubly Care, especially for the first time to buy the owner of the Car, like obsessive-compulsive dIsorder, you may not see the Car has a little scratch, Car use during the inevitable rub, scratch, little trace, the owner was going to fill even the whole spray paint repair, not quick to paint, Cars depreciate the deal Is off, the old driver: thIs Is a Car crash.

Why Car paint Will depreciate

here say Automotive paint would be devalued, refers to the price Is selling used Cars time, many vehicle owners to buy a Car after a certain time Will sell second-hand Cars, second-hand Car trading when there Is no identification of the Car accident whether through the finIsh paint Is a relatively large reference point, if we can retain the original Car the most intuitive paint presented to the buyer, the buyer Will be easier to judge whether the Car accident, usually repainted Cars than to retain the original paint of the Car price difference between 10 and 15%, if the paint effect Is not good, it may be the difference It Will be higher.

right up paint quality?

right after the meeting of paint quality, and the gap between the original paint it? After the Car up the paint and the original paintwork certainly there are gaps. Whether the quality of paint, paint hardness, paint adhesion as well as spraying the gap Is still big. Automobile factory in the paint shop spray, first in the clean room, the use of high temperature paint, Car paint shop in the paint, because the Car not equipped interior, the Car Is a shell, the painting can be high temperature 140-200 deg.] C drying oven, the Automatic painting using the paint robot, therefore, whether the original paint or anti-corrosion paint hardness, very good adhesion, paint garage other hand, with low temperature drying paint, temperature generally at about 80 ℃ on the dried, after all, the interior temperature can not be too high, while useful manual spray paint sagging, uneven thickness may occur so on, paint hardnessOriginal paint and paint adhesion and immeasurably.

refinIshing problems caused by

After the fill paint because paint quality own process Issues, spray paint to the original paint can reach 60% of the performance requirements of even good for him, anti-corrosion paint oxidation resIstance decreases, 4S shop painting Is basically a one year warranty, a long time are prone to oxidative dIscoloration, cracking, such as long time common yellow white paint. In addition, there Is a problem that Is more prone to the second paint color Is easy to form, especially some special colors, like red soul of Mazda’s move, after painting it Is easy to form a clear color difference in the sun, it looks ugly, forced users can not accept the dIsease, older drivers bluntly: thIs Is the Car crash. Many experienced painter Will paint the expansion area, or the entire surface of the painting to reduce chromatic aberration, but after spraying the oxidation rate of the original paint and the paint Is not the same, long time, and chromatic aberration.

to rub, how to choose whether to paint

For many just Car owners have a scratch on the body or there Is a rub, in the end should not be painted Is not very understanding, Xiao Bian recommendation Is to first look at what parts of the rub Is, if it Is plastic covering Automobile front and rear bumpers and the like, can not painting, ignore, if the other cover member, two cover as four, or other parts of the body, to observe whether the end of the drain, there Is no harm to the electrophoretic paint (typically gray), exposed iron injury to the electrophoretic paint, paint must be embalmed, otherwIse it Will rust. No damage electrophoretic paint, consider using polIshed up painting or repair, you can not go to the entire surface of the painting.

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