Do not add these four decorative car: seat covers neither fIsh nor fowl, the first one to no avail

Now Car owners requirements for vehicles Is getting higher and higher, people in the past just for the Car as a means of transport, and now many people have used as a weapon to show off. Do you want to drive a Car hundreds of thousands of you are embarrassed to take pictures made circle of friends, so there have been many young Car forbidding the installation of transformation to happen. There are so-called order of safety, comfort, or keep the life of the vehicle, and so the idea of ​​it, to get the Car decoration of some useless. We Will always see these decor, your Car have?

1: solar film paste

Our Car window glass itself with the function of UV, plus a layer of solar film Is simply useless. But now people seem to not have their own judgment. Such people generally affixed to the film Is divided into two. One Is being fooled business, says the best Car affix solar film, so we can prevent the ultraviolet rays of your exposure, through various fancy a Luanjiang, finally some people are pleased to put it up.

Another Is that people simply stick after the Car look good, so think of people in the majority, in fact, our Car Is not necessary stickers Solar Films, European and American Cars are now few people with such things. Of course, thIs thing Is not expensive, paste does not really matter.

2: tail

We can usually see a lot of Cars gave the Car fitted with the so-called tail thIs role of thing for a lot of Cars, it Is actually furnIshings, generally, when the speed of the Car Is less than 120, the tail Is basically no effect, so that the Car Is generally to install thIs thing Is to look good, it means to show off.

3: to add a seat sleeve

coupled to the seat that said sleeve artificial leather to be honest controversial, we buy a Car itself after the leather seats are very comfortable, if not better than our dermIs also install artificial leather and more comfortable, and we have to keep so-called dirty seat or in order to maintain seat full, so the installation of the peopleArtificial leather jacket.

In fact, we pretend that thIs leather Is futile, because our seat function Is a lot of good ventilation and massage function, comfort and high. Cool very comfortable, in fact, our seats in general Is bad Is not easy, as long as we pay more attention to the protection, use of time Is greatly extended. And then pretend that seat covers and other seat in other words Why not too worn after? To be honest, thIs thing Is a aesthetic impact, the impact Is a comfort, really Is neither fIsh nor fowl.

4: fake skylights

and some Cars have skylights, some Cars did not skylight, which often depends on our Car prices and configurations. But no sunroof fact did not affect our daily needs. But some friends but prefer to install a fake skylight to self-deception, and sometimes can really achieve the purpose of showing off, but so what’s the point?

a lot Automobile decoration are actually no effect, we’d better not to install these unnecessary things.