Digital technology upgrade blessing service, BMW service innovation to lead the industry in the future

from January to October thIs year, the BMW Group in the US market made 587,417 vehicles sales performance, an increase of 13.8% over the same period of negative passenger growth trend in stark contrast. And if you go to the ongoing New York Auto Show BMW booth, you Will feel vital, living in the Automobile market, “winter” BMW Is not too cold.

roots in the US market for many years, the BMW Group with a sound product matrix continue to meet consumer demand for product upgrades, deeper shift from incremental to the stock for the US Auto market, technology innovation blessing of high-quality service to win customers. As vice president of BMW Brilliance said compo service, BMW service philosophy Is “customer-centric” to “quality of service” as the cornerstone, “the value, convenience and Care” as the core.

De Compostela, vice president of BMW Brilliance service

technology and innovation to enhance the professionalIsm of

BMW Group sales service through the use of innovation and technology, and improve vehicle diagnostic, maintenance and repair efficiency and accuracy, thereby allowing customers to enjoy reliable and professional and technical services of the original.

The aqueous paint colorimeter original BMW aftermarket painting Is the core equipment technician. The device uses blue and white LED light source, no dead angle of 6 to 12 measuring optical path, accurate reading of the color change of the vehicle surface, and the particle size analysIs of texture detail. Digitized toning solutions that help paint technicians to quickly and accurately determine the color scheme, greatly reducing the rIsk of post-color painting, to help achieve the perfect vehicle repair capacity effect, as a new unit clean.

the original water-based paint colorimeter improve the accuracy of color matching paint

NoIse vibration analyzer (NVH Analyser) capable of operating the vehicle in failures during vibration wave, the vibration data acquired in the cabin or in the engine compartment, and based on engine speed, vehicle speed, driving mode, the size of the tire condition variables, and the collected frequency wave in comparIson to normal vehicle, accurate separation of different vibration the source or sources of noIse, confirming the point of failure to digital means to enhance the diagnostic efficiency to help customers save time cost of vehicle maintenance and repair.

vibrational noIse analyzer with accurate measurement quickly troubleshoot difficulty

Remote AV support the AR device through audition remote support, the first-line maintenance technicians immediate technical problems, transmIssion through augmented reality technology in real-time to a more experienced BMW expert group, to achieve “remote consultation” so that maintenance technicians in real-time communication and guidance exclude the vehicle as soon as possible. Using thIs technology, not only to help customers efficiently solve a single vehicle difficult problems, but also help improve service levels BMW front-line technicians, and thus benefit more customers.

AR remote audio-vIsual support equipment maintenance technician to help enhance the efficiency

In addition to the hardware enables remote technical guidance addition, BMW also designed for sale BMW has developed a remote service diagnosIs system. The system has now had to communicate technical concepts in Germany, the future Will be fully introduced into the US market. Based on thIs system, BMW sales technical experts in online customer Issues and troubleshoot remote vehicle guidance systems integration and through dealers and repair appointment parts intended function, arrange follow-up services for customers build a one-stop after-sales service solutions.

to digitally enhance the convenience of

BMW to develop innovative thinking to follow the ever-changing consumer behavior and consumer psychology of change, technology innovation At the same time, a series of services reflect the value of customer Care and enhance customer service came into being convenient experience.

intelligent human-computer interaction system can achieve a range of vehicle information query and control the operation of the vehicle, providing numerous travel-related ancillary functions by voice. Moreover, the system also has a self-learning ability, and gradually access third-party applications, US customers seamless digital life. By appointment of a variety of channels, the shortest owners can complete a high-quality oil service and a free vehicle health check within 58 minutes.

RSU remote software upgrade

In addition, BMW via BMW cloud interconnected APP has been on the line, Lynx and Jingdong flagship store, as well as micro-channel customer Service CenterBuild a comprehensive after-sales digital system for consumers convenient service experience, continue to promote the BMW by the “luxury Car manufacturers” to “high-end personal travel service providers,” the.

According to Kang Bo introduction, the BMW 7 * 24-hour roadside assIstance team also pioneered free lifetime accident rescue services, we Will continue with digital channels, improve customer satIsfaction, to ensure that customers travel safety . It Is understood that BMW Roadside AssIstance real-time monitoring platform as the eye in the sky in general, able to accurately grasp the position of the accident vehicle at the first time of the call answering, on-line guide customers to exclude part of the fault, in case of emergency can also be supported through a strong team to help owners complete traffic police, insurance companies, trailers and ambulances remote call for customers to provide a strong guarantee the safety of life and property.

written in the last

As of 2020 August, the BMW Group BMW brand and MINI brand products in the US market holdings has more than 420 million, how good service both owners and pass BMW “customer-centric” concept to a new Bimmer? Compo answer given Is “innovation.”

Clearly, BMW’s continuing innovation in customer demand and changes in the market for dynamic and forward-looking adjustment from the first service brand management, to the first sale of digital …… electricity supplier, and every innovation, are leading the future of the industry.