Different fault types of car horns, sorting out the appropriate repair methods

Car horn serve as a reminder in a motor vehicle or a pedestrian Is noted that other functions of the vehicle, since the current through the horn Is large, the frequency of use Is relatively high, so often there Will be various problems, according to the speaker sorting out the different fault types corresponding repair methods. After understanding the basic characterIstics and the horn circuit, once the speaker driving unexpected glitches, and can be self-repair process.

a, not loud speaker bIs

When the switch Is pressed horns , two speakers are no noIse, which check Is:

a first headlight switch Is opened, to see whether the Car headlights to light up, if not bright headlamps. look fuse Is dIsconnected, if not open, then check the power supply to the line between insurance Is dIsconnected or loose; if safety dIsconnect, if there Is a short circuit in place and then check the line, if no obvious short circuit, the replacement of the insurance, to see whether electric horn sound.

2. After checking the normal power supply circuit, a screwdriver with a horn relay grounding power line, to see whether the spark, if spark proof circuit normal; if no spark, check the power supply line Is connected with the horn relay battery power supply lines for breaks.

3. In general, the reasons are not loud speaker double line are connected to a switch problem or, the case of two speakers rarely occur simultaneously broken.

Second, the mono speaker does not ring

When the switch Is pressed an electrical horn, only a loud speaker, the speaker does not affect the other, which check Is:

(1) check the electrical horn relay does not affect the power supply line, the validation circuit normal, with a screwdriver thIs FireWire and speaker wires connected to see if the horn sound. If there Is sound, demonstrate a fault line between the switch and the electric horn; if the horn or unvoiced, Is described horn relay horn itself Is defective or faulty.

(2) LaA pair mainly due to its own failure or failure of the magnet wire spring can not be reset, and so can not move the armature, which should be dIsintegrated after repair.

Third, the horn hoarseness

horn hoarseness two cases, a It Is due to external reasons, mainly because the line Is not normal or the battery power shortage caused, and the other Is the cause of electric horn itself. It checks the steps of:

a jumper wire Isolation horn relay, the ignition switch Is open, if the horn Is normal, relay failure Is explained, replace the relay.

2. The button switches are connected by jumpers, if the fault dIsappears, ablation phenomenon has proved to be a switch, replace switch.

3. check the clearance between the armature and the core, if the dIstance Is not normal, not the dIstance between 0.5-1.5mm also occur hoarseness , put in place to adjust the dIstance troubleshooting.

4 between the lock nut and check if there are PA tube shaking, if there are snags phenomenon, if there Will be a hoarse voice. To lift the failure to adjust.

5. If the above are normal, the Cartridge can check whether the loudspeaker diaphragm to see if there Is crack or deform, these failures can cause abnormal sound. In addition, when there Is strong when the horn sounds weak, power consumption Is relatively large, such as failure, usually due to local poor contact and other factors, as long as Careful observation, you Will find the point of failure, and make the appropriate solutions.

when using the Car horn should be noted that: each time lasting not more than 10 seconds; do not let the horn moIsture; do not have strong vibration; do not change the original circuit structure.

Fourth, malfunction horn circuit Is often made parts and determining

1. Horn button portion

fault: contact ablation button, Corroded, worn steering decline sheet, or a circular column-shaped spring sheet with the slide in contact with the slide plate poor contact, button spring loses its elasticity and the like. In such cases, the button should be removed first grounding cord, to determine whether the button after failure, such as speakers do not affect other parts of the fault lines and compared, such as loud speakers, fault location can be identified as a button to confirm button relevant parts dIsmantling polIshed, replace it. .

2 horn parts

Troubleshooting: pronunciation hoarse horn, the sound Is too small, does not sound like. Unvoiced case the pilot light Is available instead of the speaker test, such test lights, the horn failure. ThIs situation Is the volume or pitch horn caused by abnormal, horn removed should be adjusted, as follows.

3. tones (i.e., between the armature and the core air gap) Is adjusted horn tone level and the air gap in the core, the core gap h, the high frequency of vibration of the diaphragm (i.e. high pitch); air gap Is large, low-frequency vibration of the diaphragm (i.e., tone down). Multi-tone adjustment portion of the crude horn with a central threaded locking nut, adjustment, first loosen the lock nut, then rotation of the armature, and the armature core can change the air gap, generally each adjustment ring 3, the wiring conducted sound tests, failed to continue to adjust.

Symptom: When a Iveco Car horn speaker does not ring when you release the horn button Will sound the horn down sometimes, failure analysIs and continued to ring : corrosion damage since the horn button when the button Is pressed the button horn relay connected to the column so that no current flows through the relay coil and the inner no current flows through the relay contacts can not be closed on the trumpet so that no current speaker does not ring… Since the button damage sometimes happens when the button Is released the button are bonded together, so long horn sound phenomenon occurs.

Troubleshooting: check the speaker grounding line without dIsconnection phenomenon and no mIs-position measuring intact horn relay, the relay Will be removed horn speaker terminal Firewire touched, at thIs time. sparks, horn ring. and sound normal, the internal speaker Is no problem. Then the screwdriver the horn button relay terminal connected iron horn rang. Description relay lines are also no problem. View more relay line focus checkSee found horn button horn button portion examined site button damaged after replacing corroded horn button Troubleshooting