Detailed hidden car tires hard to find

When you’re ready to drive out,

around the Car one week find what makes you the most sCared?

Tire drum kits! ! !

Tire drum kits can easily puncture,

causing serious traffic accident,

the key, tire pressure monitoring drum bag found difficult to pass,

because the bulge after the run-flat and not,

Will not alarm tire pressure monitoring .

Thus it was found that only about the self-vehicle inspection.

So, what Is the tire drum kits?

Tire drum kits typically occurs in the tread wall

The present beautiful rounded tire wall

projecting a chubby baffling package

As the name suggests thIs Is the tire bulge.

That Is exactly what causes the tire such a long “acne” mean?

Now the vast majority of passenger Car radial tires are used,

Is tucked inside the tire a lot of drapes,

as shown below,

when the curtain sidewall day when a line Is broken or dIslocated,

so reinforcing structure like a house of broken or mIsaligned,

FIG follows anatomical

2-3 tire inner atmospheric pressure Will impact rubber,

formed like a blower.

If you continue driving,

increase in tire pressure, thin walls Will not withstand tire bursting pressure.

encounter how the tire bulge Processing

unique and method requires only replacement tires,

must not bulge tires with the road,

at any time because a puncture.

and change a tire Is not a small overhead,

our tire choice when we must have polIshed eyes.

Now, it Is good to share some of Halfmoon

Small identify the authenticity of tire tips.

1 read the label

and all commodities first read labels

If the print quality Is poor,

even dIslocation.

That properly properly and quickly taking a detour.

2 see tire gloss

Is not gloss the brighter the better?

In fact,

actually retreaded tires Will gloss particularly bright,

in order to cover up some of the defect.

Will have little genuine black tire.

3 see the production date

[ ] before the 123 articles we have talked to Keguan gentlemen,

how to identify the label on the tire,

Finally there Is the portal .

retreaded tires must be modified Is the date of production,

Since 2019, you can not take 2013 tires to sell it.

Note that if it Is the same reference numerals and the other.

If you obviously not the same,

then there must be a tire retreading.

good Halfmoon summary

tire bulge Is difficult to find security rIsks,

Members If found Keguan master,

tires must be replaced immediately,

when the replacement,

must go to regular channels of purchase,

and notice the tire Is genuine,

after all tires are safe foundation.

to identify the tire identification transfer gate

do not be fooled, tires for no change decIsions by themselves

If Keguan classic feel pretty good,

please praIse it, Guixie.

I was heavy enough good Halfmoon,

In order for you to drive, comfortable Car,

we have been to sow Yingying fire,

expect you Keguan master’s attention.