Engine performance diagnosis

Each vehicle that has been designed since 1996 is equipped with an on-board diagnostic system to track engine performance. The difference in performance levels is reported by the vehicle’s computer system. Once the “Check Engine” or “Maintenance Engine” indicator is displayed, the next step should be a search engine diagnostic service or engine tuning. Engine diagnostics allow our staff to gather useful information about engine health.

Benefits of Engine Diagnosis and Performance

Regular engine maintenance ensures that your engine is always operating under optimal conditions. However, you can also look for clues indicating that an engine repair service is required. The “Check Engine” or “Engine Check” light is a sure sign that a specialist should inspect your engine sooner rather than later. Slow start when accelerating, idling, jamming, bumps, or snoring indicates that you should seek repair or engine diagnostics to determine the full range of problems. A reduction in fuel consumption and a noticeable power loss during acceleration are also signs of impending engine tuning or imminent engine repair service. Engine warning lights alert the driver to minor problems before major repairs occur. Be sure to contact our staff as soon as the diagnostic system on board your vehicle detects a problem with your engine.