Decades old technician, said these types of cars do not choose the color, too hard to make up!

for each home Will have a scooter, I bought a Car accidentally blew, I nicked, or the Car Is no intention to harm, and thIs time you have to paint it, but the painting Is also a lot of problems, then let me say speak.

just bought a Car when the paint Is not a little color, because with the same paint, by painting machine, so that each face of uniform and without any chromatic aberration.

4s or repair shop paint shop workers can not be as accurate as the machine Will do, and does not necessarily have exactly the same Car and the original colors, so painting Is sometimes difficult .

even with the original parameters, but had some Car into the wind and sun can easily change color, thIs time, again, blending colors. Good luck, workers could be released soon, but there are times when certain colors are hard to tune out.

Having said that, I Will talk about what color it prone to chromatic aberration.

1, metallic paint

which added metallic aluminum, as Will a shining sun, but the lighter the color of thIs paint, the more color appears, For example white metal, Is difficult to recall the color exactly the same color, Is the most difficult to fill paint metallic paint color.

2, prime paint

There Is no such a metal powder paint, Is the most common white, black, red and yellow. And more vivid colors, then up paint color Will be more obvious. White most troubling of which may be no color when touch-up painting, but if the fender up painting paint quality not as good as the original model, Will be faster yellow color variation occurs faster. Another point to note, pure white (2K paint) do not need to spray varnIsh!

3, pearl paint

pearl paint Is in fact an intermediate element paints and varnIshes pearl powder adds a layer (also called Mica), the sunlight Will there are colorful effect. It Will look very nice, but it Is still plain background paint.

pearl lacquer paint hard to do the required steps, painting can not be wrong, but once the uniformity of pearl powder did not meet the standard of the original painting, then color Is sure to arIse.

what color and what kind of paint Is difficult to see here up painting should also understand that, and if you are driving technology Is not good, these above said Car remember to buy a Car when he must stay away from.