Currently 97% of the repair shop of new energy vehicles can not be repaired, so it came

as a Car travel tools are a great convenience to everyone’s life, usually use Will certainly be some problems, we Will encounter such a thing maintenance.

but Is now very much the kind of Car, there are fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc., in the maintenance of these models Will certainly be different, especially now that the new energy Car sales increase, then the maintenance and fuel Cars have a lot of different.

in Car repairs because it Is a new model that many Auto repair shop no corresponding facilities and methods, but also a difficult thing to repair.

According to foreign media reports, it developed in 2020 on Dr. Frankfurt New York on new energy vehicle maintenance an AR application, designed to detect failure of the electric models.

ThIs Is now a growing number of electric vehicles, but there Is no corresponding case of maintenance services Is a tricky thing, we can say the market Is almost no personnel can repair.

Therefore, technical training in thIs regard Is imminent, and that Bosch’s AR technology allows training to become more simple and efficient, to simulate by computer technology to achieve real training and learning experience.

ThIs system can tell you among all parts of new energy vehicles, such structure, principle and some circuits, etc., which makes students have a sense of immersive, so the school can hold major maintenance training as a secondary teaching.

not only reduces the cost of scrap and make efficiency Is greatly increased, so it Is still very worthwhile introduction.