Cross-country people turned up way Tiger factory shop owner vows to get the car repair service nature of regression

Wu Xinhong, an experienced off-road enthusiasts, every year 2 months time outdoors. The first time I saw him, giving a shrewd sense, such Manner also subtle to hIs acting style.

hIs life Is full of opportunities and challenges, from migrant workers out of school to young entrepreneurs, to the middle-aged bottlenecks encountered in life, and ultimately successful counter-attack, opened a four way Tiger keep a Car factory store, along the way are exceptionally difficult.

After graduating from college 18 years ago, Wu Xinhong worked in private enterprIses, lIsted companies, foreign companies hard, the United States experienced a peak era of the PC business, but also witnessed its lonely.

In 2005, the overall PC industry showed a downward trend, the thought of a big Wu Xinhong may eventually reluctantly chose to leave hIs work for many years in Wuhan City computer store Guangbutun . He began a Career change, aimed at the Automotive after-market industry, a new beginning, let Wu Xinhong Career has a new spring.

into the Automotive after-market industry just when Wu Xinhong sales start from a tire manufacturer, through rain and wind, even if the customer make things difficult, we must find ways to make a performance, achieve regional manager from the sales representative, with the skillful business, Wu Xinhong seen the opportunities, thinking of their own to open a tire shop, he left tire manufacturers opened the first tire shop, second home a year later tire store opened. Rapid expansion, but also for the next “failure” lay hidden.

Is not smooth sailing on the road, especially hIs own.

After several years of development, Wu Xinhong store business Is deteriorating, increasing labor costs, store rents rIsing, in-store business fell, one by one just as pressure on the body of the three big mountains. The face of changes in the environment, Wu Xinhong do not know Where to go, how to do next, but to continue to adhere to eke store operations.

and thus continued for five years, from 2011 to 2016, Wu Xinhong sub shop has been reluctant to operation and maintenance.

During thIs period, when they saw the quick repairing shop traditional development bottleneck when, He chose to come back to see the Car a higher level of the market, came after a Hubei company on the market to do professional managers.

may in themselves to join the professional managers Soon after, the two Auto repair tire store manager offered to resign the same time, still in hIs shop not far opened a new store.

In yet belong to a very traditional mode Auto repair shop, the manager of a sudden there Is no management, no doubt Is a very fatal blow. Wu Xinhong thIs time not only do professional managers, we need to manage two Auto repair shop.

In addition, the two also face competition from former store manager, so he exerted pressure. Within two months, working ten hours a day lianzhouzhuan, Wu Xinhong lost a lot of hair, but also more and more sparse. Fortunately, through their own to save the market, the smooth functioning of the sub shop down, Wu Xinhong also beginning to realize the importance of management.

from the professional managers job to resign, he began to change, in order to make truly professional development company, Wu Xinhong changed the previous boss-man mode, set up rules and regulations, delegation of authority to be able to have the ability to do things personally, ask them to participate in company management in the past.

At the same time, come up with some of the shares, so that shares key employees, the ones who enjoy more benefits to employees. For many entrepreneurs, the dilution of shares Is equivalent to reducing their control.

but Wu Xinhong do not think so, although they earn less money, but the staff worked harder at ease, more orderly development of the company, all thIs change, so Wu Xinhong company also embarked on a virtuous cycle, the performance Is getting better, the staff motivated.

advocating freedom of hIs bones, the company started thinking about time to achieve freedom, economic freedom, freedom of thought. In 2011, Wu Xinhong accidentally touched the indirect outdoor cross-country, he has been like driving, as to find the New World, and soon fell in love with the sport.

about a few friends, drove hIs sport utility vehicle to a Car trip a couple of weeks. On the way, not thinking about anything, so that he can Jing Xiaxin, busy work, thIs Is hIs favorite way to relaxStyle,

Of course, in the usual education, Wu Xinhong Will bring their children to experience the wild life. He said that not only can exercIse the child’s physique, exercIse more children against “strike” capability.

traveling by Car from the periphery to the Wuhan trip through Tibet, cross-country venue from the mountains to the adventure, sport utility vehicle over the mountains of thIs performance seems to be the same way and their own business, all the way to hell and high water, wear Jing split spine, then the achievements of hIs Career, more and more off-road love, insight, continues to struggle in.

After several years of hard work and primitive accumulation, Wu Xinhong has set hIs acting style and management.

thIs time Qiayu Automotive after-market industry reshuffle, stand out from the competition the way tiger keep a Car attracted the attention of Wu Xinhong, from business model to philosophy, from planning to the individual prospects for the company are very fit and Wu Xinhong.

soon, Wu Xinhong way they take the initiative to contact the tiger keep a Car, hoping to join the “family”, and create a new business of their own.

December 1, 2016, Wu Xinhong’s first transit tiger keep a Car factory shop opened. Sales so far, the store has remained the highest in the area of ​​sales.

because of hIs unique management style, the store’s business Is getting better, there are four passers-by Wu Xinhong tiger keep a Car factory store in Wuhan.

In thIs process, Wu Xinhong also summed up a work ethic, “Let’s return to the nature of Car repair services,” and thIs seemingly simple words, many in the Automotive after-market industry counterparts not be able to do it. Only good service Is the early heart unchanged.

I remember one year the Spring Festival, because many customers traveling by Car Will do maintenance for the long drive ahead, the store has been in full working condition, many employees have given up the Spring Festival holiday, vehicle in the store for customers to do maintenance work, often open from morning until midnight.

SeeTo such a scene, Wu Xinhong very pleased with the customer service and also because of your harvest moved, the staff recognized by customers are also more fulfilling.

In line with thIs philosophy, Wu Xinhong also receive a banner for the first time from clients, thIs Is definitely the best of their work. Wu Xinhong pair banner has become a power forward, he has always insIsted on the nature of the service, from the “heart.”

Editorial Note crossover switch, for many people it Is extremely difficult, the last to be more successful people less and less. Wu Xinhong stand out, not just rely on opportunity, as well as good management, understand the people, aggressive, decIsive. These labels are able to embark Wu Xinhong an integral part of the success.