Count three remote start the car air conditioning! You can not let the summer heat, winter Is not cold!

these two days the temperature Is climbing, sweltering Every time these Car owners, we are the most painful period, under high temperature exposure, simply get in the Car like a fire in general, so every the total time to think if there Is personal for me to be able to open the Car air-conditioning temperature come down, so the Car more cool, then after Careful study, was really small series found three remote start the Car air conditioning ! You can not let the summer heat, winter Is not cold! But also cheaper models, take a look.

First, the MG 6 20T Automatically enjoy the Internet version of

guide price 125,800, MG recently popular niche, whether external Yen value or internal configuration has improved so much, very pleasing young consumers, of course, as a parent SAIC’s younger brother, “Internet Car” label certainly does not fall, MG 6 load 2.0 Internet intelligence systems to support loT phone remote control Car , can be done by phone APP remote control, and can be turned on air conditioning and ventilation seat two functions simultaneously, in addition to MG 6 panoramic sunroof, online music, online navigation and so comfortable configuration, the summer travel trip Is also a lot of extra points. Also in the power MG and Roewe i6 6 engine equipped with the same 1.5T engine, maximum power of one hundred twenty-four kilowatts, matching a six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, but there Is no power 1.0T models to choose from, including recommended the 20T Automatically enjoy the Internet version of the model, it Is the second top model 6 models in various configuration actually did pull one place.

MG 6
Interior MG 6

Short plate Is more rigid suspension, sound good riders are Tucao most places, and the current new Car market does not yet offer.

Second, Chang Rui Cheng CC 1.5T Automatic respect for ya type

guidance 138,900, with Rui Cheng Rui Cheng CC although the name, in fact, a few years in front of Rui Cheng Is not the same platform, regardless of exterior, interior design style Is still safe and comfortable configuration, are positioned through the redesigned, more in line with the young consumer market, and body length of 4780 mm and 2770 mm wheelbase, there Is also a bug-class models at the same price, if the logo can be estimated for a change like matter. But to create a luxurious interior Is still very to the force, especially in the control panel screen design by suspension design, and BMW Is very similar.

Chang Rui Cheng CC Interior

Both with models equipped with 10.25 inches of high-definition big screen, the general version of the model Is about 8-inch screen , and in the fluency and practicality Is also very good, top models can achieve the same remote control.

drawback Is that the whole system Is only seven models in the most top models enables remote control, then the choice Is very less.

mounted on a power 1.5T Core employed CC the combination of power plus 6AT, one hundred and fifteen kilowatts maximum power, maximum torque of 225 Nm, Is in the same level models of the middle class.

Third, the New York Automobile Chi Chuan GA4 200T Automatic GLS

guidance 115,800, Trumpchi two GS in virtue of SUV models also earn pours, but Car products but also how to fire it up, but thIs time finally saw the launch of thIs GA4 Chi Chuan mind, as a “big” players, the most prominent Is GA4 4692 mm body length, not only elongated vIsual effects, also the interior space of the club, the front face of large area chrome grille and shape of the “dimples” are fog lights take heart, it seems prudent stocky.

Trumpchi GA4

Interior biggest feature Is the steering wheel for a three, for the first time technology configuration Is equipped Chi Hui Zhuanqi T -BOX3.0 system also supports remote control, have the appearance of the interior, which Is configured in relation to Tucao, all of eight models in the top with only two Cars equipped with Automatic air conditioning, Automatic air-conditioning want to buy a Car you have to become 100,000 to go.

Interior Trumpchi GA4

Further aspects of power, there 1.5L of GA4 and 1.33T two dIsplacement, maximum power Is eighty-four kilowatts, and one hundred and one kilowatts, the maximum torque of 150 Nm and 202 Nm, with over the previous two models a bit less, and 1.5 liters and Automatic models equipped with only 4AT gearbox, I do not know if thIs Is some meaning!

Xiao Bian view

Xiao Bian today recommended three models each have their own characterIstics, in general Is still very good choice , the space required for direct elections Rui Cheng CC, the pursuit of science and technology select high color value MG 6, but if the cash-strapped, then choose GA4.