Commonly used car repair tool, thIs 4S shop master are full of praIse

vehicle maintenance and repair 4S stores need what tools? Maintenance instructors are of course to use some special tools to work better and faster removal to ensure maintenance of quality Automotive tools. A service tool Will now be described. “ a right angled corner sleeve “, its function Is to perform tasks as Auto repair machinery inconvenience completed. In the repair work, the use of tools Is correct or not, Is important to improve the efficiency and quality of Car repair, repair personnel need to be familiar with the use of Auto repair tools and common characterIstics of thIs tool.

multifunction corner sleeve

First, using the shaft S2 are steel as raw materials and imported zinc alloy, quality assurance, Germany DIN standard, the product can reach a hardness of HRC 58-62, torque, resilient stability; secondly, the flexibility of the elongated body compact, small spaces can reach any more loosely dIsassembly; Third, hexagon socket and spindle just formed a 90 degree angle, angled just firmly and evenly.

multifunction corner sleeve

Maximum advantages:

the most important Automotive repair tool wrench: means for folding the edges with bolts and nuts. Automotive repair commonly used open-end wrench, box wrench, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, torque wrenches, pipe wrenches and special wrench. ThIs versatile product Is therefore corner sleeve to replace the conventional wrench, because of the unique hexagonal head can be used with various types of head and sleeve batch composition into all kinds of wrenches, with the formation of more than one function. 1, multifunctional corner combination wrench with the opening sleeve (wrench): 6 has an opening width of 6 to 24 mm, 8 two kinds. Folding means generally applicable to standard bolts and nuts. 2, multifunction corner sleeve wrench plum combination: means suitable for folding the range of 5 to 27 mm bolts or nuts. Each wrench has six and eight two kinds. Plum two handles like a sleeve, with a 12 angle, easy to slip during operation. 3, and multi-functional socket wrench sleeve corner: each has 13, 17, 24 three.Folding means suitable for some places due to the position of bolts and nuts are limited, can not work in a common wrench. When loaded bolt or nut off, may need to use different sleeve and handle. 4, multifunctional sleeve wrench corners: mating sleeve to tighten the bolts or nuts. In the Automotive repair torque wrench Is indIspensable. Usage: pressed top elastic pin, ferrule sleeve (socket wrench).