Common small family car failure problems, do not want to go to the repair shop how to do?

Car there Will be some failures when they go out, away from the service station when the vehicle broke down, however, we can begin to take some simple repairs. Here Is the share of small Car treatment failure, with a look.

1. Tank injury

In use of the motor vehicle, found leak from the tank, the oil may be clean with soap or bubble gum coated in oil, the temporarily blocked; repair with epoxy adhesive, the better.

2. Pipeline rupture

can be ruptured when the pipeline rupture wipe, coated with soap, with a cloth strip or tape wound pipe rupture, and tied tight, and then coated with a layer of soap.

3. tubing broken

may find rubber or plastic tubing with a diameter tubing adapted to break when tube socket. As the socket Is not tight enough, both ends can then tied tightly to prevent leakage.

4. The head appears trachoma and oil spills, leaks

according to the size of trachoma, choose the appropriate size electrical fuse, hand hammer gently drop into the blIsters, can eliminate the oil spills, leaks.

5. The oil pipe joints

When the use of motor vehicles, such as engine oil pipe joints, mostly tubing and bell flare nut Is not sealed due. Available yarn wound on the lower edge of the horn, and then the flare nut screwed pipe joint; bubble gum may also be chewed or maltose into a paste, coating the flare nut pocket, let it dry curd newcomer seal.

Automotive vehicle fault Fault dIscrimination method can be roughly divided into three parts: First, the circuit fault; second passage fault; third drive system failure.

wherein, circuit failure Is divided into the high pressure circuit and a low-voltage circuit sobarrier. In actual use, the failure of the vehicle about 60% of circuit failure, 30% in terms of oil, most of these failures it can be ruled out. Only about 10% of the traveling system failures that belong to mechanical failure, occurs when the vehicle can travel most, should go to the nearest authorized service station for repairs.

When a fault occurs in your driving, a do not worry, two busy hands, take a look at the circumstances of the fault indicator reflects. Stop and analyze the phenomenon of failure, ask a few Why, judge, oil circuit fault dIstinguIshing method has two: one Is driving on the way suddenly turn off or turn off slowly, suddenly stalled mostly circuit fault; but slowly flameout, or vehicles continue to occur “jump action” phenomenon, mostly oil line failure. Second, the “test fire”, as there Is no central high-pressure fire, fire sub-cylinder, it Is a circuit fault, if high-pressure fire, the oil passage problems. And mechanical failure are mostly accompanied by abnormal sound, the sound speed varies with the vehicle speed, the sound dIsappears when parking, not directly related to the oil circuit failure.

aftermarket industry platform, more Auto repair insider information

with “paragraph by paragraph negation”, the “focus” lock in a specific place, to figure out which type fault, targeted to first check the outside Is abnormal.

It Is worth recalling that most of the new Car Is now “EFI” Car Is electronically controlled combustion, less failure, compared with the old Car Carburetor greatly reduce the probability of failure . Keep in mind that, as EFI Car circuit failure, often need special computer detector test, the driver should not do it yourself, so as not to damage the circuit program.