Common cause of the malfunction and automotive engine repair method

Is now a family Car trip transportation, are thinking about their Car can be more than a couple of years. Engine as the heart of the Car, the Car and its service life are closely related, but the maximum engine failure resulting proportion of the total vehicle, per mile per Car parts consumption, warranty expenditure of time, the engine also top the lIst. Therefore, fault diagnosIs and maintenance level of the engine Is very important, it directly affects the vehicle’s mobility, economy and reliability. (Shimo Qi graphene engine maintenance supplies, let your Car engine maintenance and more comprehensive.)

Is generally used to evaluate the main engine technical performance standards are: good idling and good acceleration performance, power to meet the design requirements, and low fuel consumption. A plurality of engine failure consIsts of two or more points of failure, when troubleshooting, in conjunction with the above several technical performance criteria, find the cause directly or indirectly affect the normal operation of the engine. 1, first detection of battery. Need to be clear, the engine can not be started Is not the lack of battery power. 2 detects the ignition timing. Timing belt slipping phenomenon emerged, resulting in no spark Is generated, the engine can not start the root cause of thIs failure.

3, start detection system. For such failures can not start the engine, first set out to do the job Is to detect engine starting system circuit. From the composition point of view the most basic form, the system generally includes a circuit to start the following basic parts, namely a battery, a starter motor cable and the like connecting these components. Of course, in addition, the ignition switch, the starter relay or solenoid, and vehicle anti-theft system, Is also an important part of the activation system. 4, spark detection quality. When the circuit Is activated by the detection system, does not have to prove fault, it should focus on Why the engine can not operate on. In general, the first detection of the ignition system of the engine, which Is the easiest one testing. In the early ignition system, you can easily remove the ignition coil and a spark with spark detector Is normal. When selecting spark detector, aTo adjust the detector than a fixed design would be preferable, because it allows you to adjust the detector to a smaller space, so you may know, there Is no spark Is generated it, but there are still spark very weak. 5, the fuel system Is detected. DiagnosIs fuel system may be divided into two parts: DiagnosIs and Diagnostic circuitry injector fuel supply system. The fuel supply system can be detected by measuring fuel flow and pressure. The best way to measure the fuel flow, the fuel supply line Is in line with the load detection. 6, anti-theft detection systems: vehicle anti-theft system Will produce some failures of fuel supply systems are often ignored aspects. Some Automobile manufacturers include parameter identification security system functions the data stream. On many models, replace the module without anti-theft system initialization process it properly, it Will cause the Car not start. There are some Cars in certain circumstances, such as when a key Is lost, need to replace the multi-function controller, in order to allow the engine to start normally.