Classic car breakdown maintenance alike, worth collecting

classic Car breakdown maintenance alike, worthy of collection

1, in the summer, Changan Automobile sometimes stall, taxi run, it Will turn off. General judgment Is fuel pump Is out of order! In fact, it Is usually a branch of failure.

2, Pousan electric spray idling, frequent stalling, a hit again. Most wire gearbox bad!

3, Gold spark plug 491 without the use of the original plant, the computer board may cause burn.

the probability of damage to the hydraulic solenoid valve 4,4T65E extremely high.

5, various strange public can bus system (including N type lamp, irregular mIsfire, the engine Is Automatically lock, window lift, clock zero) It can generally be open circuit consIsting of iron, poor contact, the control unit internal fault or the like. Damage probability control unit comfort level system control unit of the vehicle network control unit combination table. Quick Check OK: Gateway plug dIsconnect most convenient measurement, the control unit that the concentration of all network cable

6, the airbag Is a passenger seat fault code B1462 test circuit!. Error should be universal. In thIs position the thread too easily broken! It seems B1462 can be a very cheap and suitable method for the data themselves rand, sonata B1462 has solved the problem, method Is to use a diode instead of the seat sensor, if the SRS light was still lit, can change the polarity of the diode!

7, Hyundai of time! there Is a small belt, with a balance. If not so good, after replacing the belt have resonance. Hyundai Motor belt with balance, refine, and so on !!! Jhering correct pair of small belt Is the main power pump ferry must be good! Insert with a screwdriver! Wrong! Have a screw near the muffler! Open it ! simplest installation method! there’s an easier way to understand it.

8, one of the biggest problems Changan Automobile m15.4 model Is that it consumes a lot of oil. When reading the data stream idleWhen the fuel injection Is about 4ms. Just replace the oxygen sensor.

9, Ford Tempo (Ford tianba) failed. Its dealers are vulnerable.

10, Regal model. ThIs Car Is 3 years. Due to a recent owner, the Car sometimes and sometimes Car. But time can not explain what happened. Read data stream Is no exception. Washing nozzle and the throttle body. After paying the Car feels good. But the same phenomenon appeared in two days. (I think the spark plugs may not work), and replace the spark plug and high voltage lines to. Then replace the spark plugs and high-voltage (replacement problems after the dIsappearance) in the Car. Few hours. The driver called and said the Car had a problem. Engine failure. Booth Is not too bright. Run for a while, then light up. (At that time I am a little dizzy, because how such problems can occur in high-voltage spark plug wire) and then call back to check immediately. You came back to find the Car somewhat unstable. It was dIscovered that due to the high tension line Buick behind a circle on the exhaust manifold. Because of high melting temperature, high skin tension line, the iron Is hot. The reason Is directly related to grass roots development work. In thIs case, if at the time, according to the original Car to the high-voltage lines where anything Will happen. Also reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

up to 50,000 kilometers of a taxi engine Is called the Elysee Palace in three non-stop maintenance. Computer testing. Ignition module, spark plug replacement. It still did not help. Then he washed the throttle and nozzle. It does not work. Later he found the ignition timing Is negative, a return to normal headlight. Suspected intake pressure sensor Is defective. not yet. Then open the intake manifold, found thick Carbon. Cleaning the Car. Everything Is normal!

about 30,000 km. The temperature was raIsed to 80 degrees. Typically an oxygen sensor failure!

11, not after a Car repair, there Is no high pressure oil mIst Lima, the position of the cam gear final check Is wrong, the opposite Is the new Car, and high voltage, someone knows Why, usually the Car Is usually a signal with the crankshaft position sensor for the main, the Car camshaft signal, I tried to pull him, you can not, most do not understand Why no high voltage orHe may have a wrong signal while the crankshaft and camshaft;?

12, when the engine Is idling fukang 8 v, when cold Car, according to special check the fault diagnostic instruments and parameters normal. But thermally unstable idling. ThIs Car Is a 1998 old Car imports. 200,000 kilometers. Regular inspection and cleaning does not solve the problem. (Check the chassIs and the cleaning air throttle idle speed, pressure regulating valve). Check the spark plug and the nozzle without problems. After shaking the idle valve and the throttle valve, try thIs line trouble. (Dedicated diagnostic detection equipment has been used) according to the general experience of the idle valve and the throttle valve. It’s imported Cars, however, there Is little bad and not free to change the valve. So we need 1.6 liters substitute for domestic reform. Another test. Ok. try again. It ran 50 kilometers and no longer shaking.

13, Grace A32 airbag light Is very bright, due in large part in contact with the two front seats airbag improper. The solution Is to unplug the two, and then directly to the wires up.

14, grace A32, A33 in the Car after the timing becomes tight, not hurt in the Car, or some of the cylinders does not work, because the timing Is not right, the opening timing chain and sprocket housing purge , symbol timing chain.

15, quickly replace the valve seal: If you encounter a new creature engine, it Will burn oil in a few days. Usually the valve seal fouling. You know how VAT? First, spark four cylinder Is removed, the cylinder has a Carbon. Just replace two valves on the Car, do not remove the cylinder head. When the clock spring cylinder Is rotated just check the line, dIsassemble the valve spring, the valve in the cylinder connected to the cylinder valve slowly together with the bottom, with the plane also cannulated. In the new oil seal, when the pIston Is transferred to the top dead center, when the spring Is mounted to a spark plug used for producing an old tool can be inflated in the cylinder. We press it.

16, Honda Odyssey accelerated flame, which Is an oxygen sensor fault.

17, sometimes, a temperature sensor (temperature 120Of the switch) when the super-cooling air conditioning Is invalid. Or air conditioning fan relay J293 damage.

18, MB100MB100 of cold ignition engine shake like a short cylinder hot Car, the computer does not failed and the replacement of the spark plugs of high temperature water line a throttle sensor plug nozzle. Fault still / later, the cylinder head Is found to be severe enough to remove Carbon.

19, Chang’an how the rear wheel? Check the tubing and whether the master cylinder under pressure [demolition tubing, and raIsed hIs hand] there Is no pressure in the brake master cylinder bad. If so, check the separate pump.

20, Honda Accord blower Is not rotated, and the damage resIstance of the fan. |! C0 u3 of

21, turn the ignition switch Is Elysee resIstance loss in the fan blower.

22, air conditioning Is a error-prone place! I Will not have to worry about Sartre fluoride in a week! ThIs little loophole Is hard to find! Pull the high voltage switch problem! In front right next to the lights that! damage may be caused by high temperatures.

23, 745, 8-cylinder, four-cylinder left inoperative, fire, air change adjusting motor, there Is no reaction, catalytic left spines, still can not be analyzed check the data flow and air flow into 2, 12 to the right, it seems that thIs problem, check engine, the problem of Carbon deposition quantity imported VANOS, you may be stuck here, affecting intake, the final decIsion after the dirty internal reform because VANOS design are inseparable, so a direct change two VANOS, on the left, after modification, stable operation. After the service, I think, high-end Automobile engine, hydraulic components inside too much, and the quality of the oil Is, and replaces the time demanding, Carbon deposits in the engine of thIs hazard.

24, Audi a61.8t suddenly turn off, and the fuse does not check. Fuse 29! Main relay fault code Is reported! Specific digits are forgotten, then the main relay Is invalid! CSZ after consultation, the ignition coil wire may be problems! Open ignition coil, in the case of opening the switch contact of aInserting a coil, when you insert two cylinders 29 pulls the insurance! Replacement cylinder ignition coil 2 Is stopped!