Chrysler also kneeling, than the Toyota kind, real car people lIsted to fire

Is not entirely true, because the next time the price surge Will push buyers using hybrid and electric vehicle technology rather than small Cars. Ford and FCA has given up hIs hands, abandon the sale of compelling and profitable small Car in the United States. For decades they have failed, so when very sorry to see, but I think, here to try something different, I feel very honored. Chrysler also kneeling, than the Toyota kind, real Car people lIsted to the fire.

If thIs Is your fuel prices soaring buyers to your sales mix away from your profit products to your unprofitable loss leader those products, thIs Is a dIsaster. You may retain market share, but profitability Will decline. At least in the short term, you would rather your customer transactions for Toyota Motor and Honda Motor their edge and explorers ……

if you can guarantee that they Will get back to natural gas again under the circumstances around you to buy cheap F-150. Which brand loyalty statIstical data does not occur. So how do you get rid of thIs dilemma? Ah, you get the fact that the Car relative to household income Is very expensive. Therefore, most people buy a new Car Is not as sensitive to price 10 years ago.

In any case, price-sensitive and low credit score buyers are trapped in the secondary market. So you can do what Ford Is doing: make you the cheapest offer a top Carnival, people are Willing to pay more than $ 2 to Carnival, because it Is an SUV. And provide a variety of mixtures, so when gas prices soaring,

Buyer Will purchase expensive hybrid version of the SUV. Buyers Will get the space they want, acceleration and seat height, but lower than the Fiesta or Focus has better fuel economy. Ford Will be a privilege to them to charge more.

FCA substantially similar solutions: these guitar transferred to buyersCape Car. Unfortunately, Jeep slightly behind in the implementation of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, but they said they would determine thIs in 2020 model year. So far all pretty good answer, but I do not quite agree with any.

in the 1970s the US Auto industry’s poster child Is the worst waving and powerless Car Is GM X program. From the beginning to the final demIse, it was a fiasco. It was designed in the 1970s, and in mid-1979 as a 1980 model launch. At least for me, it Is a specific illustration of American industry back in the 1970s, arrogance and no rudder in.

General Motors Is in the peak of panic, trying to solve fuel efficiency, the new trend of front-wheel drive, hatchback, modular vehicle manufacturing technologies, integrated vehicle structure, lightweight vehicles, small vehicles (YEP), transversely mounted engine, a rack and pinion steering and lighter components are at the same time. Every measure Is a complete dIsaster.

At the time, during the first real oil crIsIs, Japan and some European companies began to invade the American market, smaller, more fuel-efficient Cars, hatchback front-drive rage and the like. GM / Ford / Chrysler are crazy left position. Therefore, GM tried to kill all the birds with a stone, which in turn almost killed General Motors.

The Car lasted only five model years. They start selling well, but then they began to encounter major problems in thIs area. Brake Is a dIsaster from the start. General Motors scrambling to solve these problems, but the Car exploded, someone Is injured, people died. General Motors made a giant old school thing,

they deny everything and accuse Bigfoot and space aliens. Basically even to NHTSA scoffed, forcing them to recall nearly a million Cars. ThIs Is really too bad, actually sue the federal government to force General Motors to solve all their problems. Transverse engine installation Is a dIsaster. They use the power of YanPontiac underweight “Iron Duke” cylinder 4,

and the new rage of 60 degrees V6 engine. But the V6 Is not suitable. To serve it, people need to remove the engine almost (but not a joke), and in particular change the rear spark plug. The engine mounting system prone to failure, the entire engine installation program Will then separated and vibration, because the engine Will bounce up and down the road irregularities.

Further, in the case where the acceleration Is large, the sub-frame substantially dIstort, cause the rear wheels to the front wheels can not be aligned, so that the vehicle from the rear It looks bent. They rust, oh they rust. My college roommate finally got hIs father hated Pontiac version, about a year later, the floor has been through, fender rust under the paint, vinyl roof rust.