U.S. would let owners see the new A8 road test: Audi focus on the domestic market when the baby

The new BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class Cars have been lIsted for a long time, from the point of view Car video appeared on the road selling very well, the new BMW body 730 and the Mercedes-Benz Maybach interiors are the respective depot housekeeping ability, nature Is full of a selling point

in addition to Mercedes-Benz BMW, with one of the Big three of German Audi thIs year introduced the new Audi A4, the sense of technology Is definitely BBA in the first, but the recent News that the new A8 also come at the end of the

the new Audi A8 3.0T V6 engine Is standard, while still providing top with the famous W12 engine. Audi BMW Mercedes thIs Is really a pit, it could be its own recognized, A8 and S-Class are standard 3.0T, only 7 Series comes standard with hIs own down to 2.0T.

Even if the engine Is tuned better, which one million level luxury Car already lost one

there are fans say the Audi A8 has a test drive, but also on the road in the country. The Car has ever spy or test sections are in New York or North Europe some famous race track, and thIs A8 Is the first choice for domestic

“Come, come, to drive out, so look out Tyrant , the new Audi how good-looking. “

the new A8 changes in the interior Is very prominent, very unlike the previous models emphasize technological sense, the main focus of the A8 luxury feeling, especially in high-allocation model, it seems that Audi has finally realized: On thIs Car people do not Care about science and technology

and new Car last row Hui Ang Is a bit like? The new Car Will pull domestic first show, indicating that the domestic new Car debut certainly Will not fall, even conferences are held in the country, the Audi Is really the domestic market as treasure

Of course, the domestic owners and consumers Audi did not let down