Children graduating from middle school, I wanted to learn car repair, go to a technical school good or better go to the store as an apprentice?

Now the country to implement nine-year compulsory junior high school have no chance to pass the test to repeat, and may face three choices, one drop out of school work outside the home, the second Is direct technical school to learn a skill, third, the “3 + 2” tertiary level institutions, five years after graduation have a college degree, no matter what kind of choice for junior high school students who are a cruel thing!

If the child Is not doing well, junior high school, and certainly the best to learn the craft to make a living, especially for rural children, the more need there Is the opportunity to learn the craft of counter-attack then want to learn Car repair, Is to go on a good technical school or go to the store as an apprentice good?

took the young girl to give children with relatives real case:

took the young girl the aunt children in junior high school Is the “science slag”, each exam Is the reciprocal of the class, math Is poor 20 minutes, the test Is no natural admitted to high school, and the children sub relatively high, height 180, the uncle did not want to let him go to a technical school; hIs family has relatives drive a Car repair shop in California, let my cousin learned as an apprentice mechanic, although relatively little to learn to drive tired, a little dirty, but very Carefully cousin, Is now studying for two years, routine repairs are proficient, and lIsten to the sound sometimes under the Car Will know where to go wrong, and ready to learn in California five years, and then go home county to drive a Car repair shop, very good!

From thIs my cousin graduated from junior high school to apprentice in the store when the case we can know, as long as the intention to learn, as an apprentice in the store Is also very promIsing with the popularity of Car, Car repair shops Will be more, where maintenance staff can get a job; then choose whether to go to a technical school or shop as an apprentice, in fact, both options have advantages and dIsadvantages, took the young girl to specific analysIs:

the first: the technical school

now on general technical school for three years, with theoretical and practical knowledge-based, the quality of teaching Is very good the practice course Is to go to the store-based practice, students can not only learn the technical knowledge, but also to enhance their cultural level and quality of the child’s future development Is very beneficial, and in technical school, the children can recognize a to help like-minded friends, Can ease the employment pressure the child’s physical and mental development of children Is very good, so that the child in the technical school of social work and to have a safe transition period Will be psychologically!

However, a technical school also has some drawbacks, first of all the current technical school teaching strength varies, most of the “money” for the purpose of teaching the intentions of relatively less; secondly technical school management relatively poor, most of the students are to “mix” the main fights more, if the child Is unconscious, not learn what Is knowledge; although the last Is the technical school in conjunction with the operating theory, but still mainly theoretical knowledge , apprentice to master the technology does not come faster and more direct, or after graduating from the apprentice!

The second: to store as an apprentice

to store as an apprentice, as most are relatives relying allow children to learn, during the apprenticeship Will Baochibaozhu monthly fixed salary, possible learning would be more difficult point, but knowledge learning Is a genuine ah, after all, practice Is the truth, hard to learn and soon-to-use, three-year can “apprenticeship” can be said to go to the store as an apprentice, operability strong, they are easy to academic success!

directly from the junior high school to become an apprentice, direct access to social, 15, 16-year-old mentally still in the immature state, rebellious period, it would be more difficult to adapt to society, and repair Car people smoking, drinking more, it Is easy for children to develop bad habits and dIstort values, concept of money, which Is extremely bad for the future development of the child, parents should pay special attention!

on technical school or junior high school graduates go to the store as an apprentice advantages and dIsadvantages, technical school to improve cultural knowledge, apprentices can better equipped with skills, we to consider, go to select children based on the idea; but after graduating from junior high school students do not have to learn repair, such as beauty salons, cook, design, home decorating, computer, software engineering and other professional are very good, I hope that parents can and communicate with their children down, to make a reasonable choice.