Chasong banned eight unlicensed car repair “roadside shop”

2019-07-21 11:35 | Zhejiang News client correspondent correspondent Guo Ji Kai Xie Bin,

July 17, Tsz joint management of urban transportation at Jiangbei DIstrict, Jiangbei DIstrict Road AdminIstration brigade, Jiangbei DIstrict market SupervIsory Authority, public security departments, along the lines of the Temple Chi unlicensed Car repair shop business was centralized regulation, banned eight illegal dealers.

dIsCarded Automobile tires thrown away, there Is oil road, range management …… undocumented Auto repair shop has been a major long-term management of urban ills. Follow the action, Reporter first came to the New City Road, a store selling Automobile tires, but appeared to tire in Car sales, but amazing in the small next door, all kinds of tire repair tools everything, there are still piling up the oil, bananas in the small room water and other combustible materials.

The operations commander Chi town vice mayor Gu told Reporters the department, mainly due to some drivers such Auto repair shop Is to seek cheaper options. And such basic Auto repair shop belonging to family-owned, low-maintenance technology skills, poor equipment and facilities, repair maintenance personnel do not have the qualifications, mostly without obtaining a permit unauthorized operations, vehicle maintenance quality can not be guaranteed, the driver and the road has brought great rIsks.

In the case of a lot of persuasion warning invalid, the relevant departments of the repair shop Issued a rectification notice to stop illegal activities, the deadline for rectification and signed Commitment. But during the return vIsit found violations not rectification, warning again invalid, the law enforcement team immediately for Car repair tools and other work supplies were temporarily detained, and urge them to immediately apply for the relevant license, rectify immediately.

Chi town Will resolutely banned incomplete procedures, production conditions are not up to standards “roadside shop.” At the same time, for violations beyond the scope of business, etc., Will be in accordance with relevant laws, regulations investigate; to achieve a certain production conditions, but without the approval of, order the rectification, its supervIsion for the relevant documents.

In the future, Chi town Will also continue to increase the standard management and supervIsion of private industrial cityEfforts to Carry out regular and irregular inspection operations, ban unlicensed business law, severely crack down on illegal activities.