Changji a car repair shop owner midnight special aim luxury cars stolen belongings smashed glass

Chen at the scene identified the theft of items inside the Car

Xinjiang Morning News (Text / Morning News Reporters Ren Yan and Tao Tu / correspondent Chen Song) Changji a man convicted of the business downturn, their homes has been patronizing the thief, actually spur of the moment and began smashing the glass luxury Car theft activities. According to hIs own account, as in the repair industry since they understand the Car, hIs start Is valuable luxury Cars, from the beginning of November 2016, “hands-on”, he smashed a total of Changji City in the dIstrict’s eight-ho Car, stealing things, including Car seats, alcohol and tobacco, bacon, beef and other items.

February 6 in the morning 04 40 pm, Changji City Public Security Bureau Zhongshan Road police station received a public report: Holy Water Accord in the courtyard of hIs residence in the dIstrict, he had heard the sound of glass smashed Cars also saw a man who was moving things out of the Car. Police rushed to the scene, the suspect Is being moved back to the police station Chen wine. Under questioning, the suspect Chen truthful account of the facts of the crime own special stare Za Boli luxury Car theft of property.

36-year-old Chen operations in Changji City, a Car repair shop, according to Chen confessed hIs store business Is not good last year, but also because hIs house was the thief “patronizing” over the loss of property, almost can not afford to pay the rent. Money to spend, he played a crooked brains, because in the Automotive industry, high-end Cars fully aware of Chen, in hIs view coincided with the Chinese New Year, Hao Car Will certainly be stocking alcohol and other valuables, and luxury Cars cushion gasoline supplies in the higher price, he can also be sold in their own shop, and he began nocturnal middle of the night to sneak into the area looking for high-end Cars, waiting to start.

day of the incident, Chen opened a new license plate for the light van A8R1 ** Wuling, for fear of the dIstrict where the monitoring Will be photographed license plate number, he parked in the founding of West holy water Simon Accord cells themselves walking into the area. After aimed a burgundy Land Rover, Chen using portable screwdriver, flashlight and other tools, the Land Rover Car and smashed the rear window of the left, in a Car trunk, Chen found 9 when the small box Ili old cellar, when he began to move the van outside the cell crates, Is moved to the last case of wine, it was Chen received a report rushed to the police caught red-handed. According to Chen explained, thIs Car Is the Land Rover hit the first of hIs eight luxury Cars, also including Rand Road, Chak cool, high-handed, Land Rover and other luxury Cars, the police immediately for comparIson of similar cases, it IsFast in the mountain area to check out everywhere. During the Chinese New Year coincided with

, Chen recently fruitful and rewarding. According to police officers Guo introduction, Chen theft of property Is very rich, in addition to the seat-ho Car, as well as alcohol and tobacco, horse meat, bacon and other items, because the shop Is not open during the Spring Festival, part of the stolen Car seat has not had time sold, the amount of property involved yet available.

At present, the suspect Chen has been under criminal detention according to law, the case Is being further processed.