Change a car tire, the simplest way to make cars more comfortable

home to more than 1,000 km from the city where I work, drive to return home every year makes me very collapse. Highway dense traffic, all kinds must attack, it may be too easy to hit. And these are not matter, let me most Is the collapse of the tire, each went to half-speed and shaking and noIsy, out of the heart of the province all tired.

At thIs time always wanted to change, but a year of hard work down the right, still have some money left Seventeen ooh ooh. Fetal movement can only enough money for a wheel hands, tires are the only parts in contact with the ground, comfort, control, security has its copies. Long dIstances required for the tire Is very simple, low noIse, good comfort, short braking dIstance, anyway, comfort and safety overwhelming! After lIstening to a friend’s introduction, I chose a relatively good reputation Goodyear Royal multiply II generation.

Goodyear Tire, mute significant effect

After (Goodyear put the tire noIse)

has anyone thought, harsh noIse on high speed Is how come? When the tire rotates, a portion of the air Is squeezed into the grooves of the tread, which Will connect with the tire air at high flow groove, then it becomes harsh noIse. Most of the high-speed road noIse, wind noIse Is a small part. Wind noIse Is a congenital body design decIsions, and the road noIse Is a noIse generated by tire contact with the ground, the vehicle reached a level.

NoIse in the tire design, there are three bumps by Royal II generation within each groove, thIs design can reduce the transverse air flow to eliminate the noIse. Royal Take II generation at 100km h speed / noIse only 61.9 db. Speaking of noIse, perhaps you nothing concept, high-speed 100km / h cruIse around if the noIse Is only 60 decibels, normal conversation and then in the same office.

Goodyear Auto tires, traffic safety and more secure

(with friends return)

High-speed braking performance on important needless to say how experienced the rear-end people know, Is not an emergency youSlow response, but suddenly found not brake foot in the end. Many people confuse the relationship with the braking performance of the tires, like people wore shoes, good soles naturally go up steady. However, the tires are the same size, width and flatness ratio, the braking dIstance can be much different? On dry roads, the tire has a previous braking dIstance of at least 40 meters, put on after the royal take Gen-II, only 38.82 meters braking dIstance.

to shorten the braking dIstance twelve meters, looks small, but sent it just twelve meters a lot of collIsions. Even if no accident avoidance, but also to mitigate the losses caused by the accident, was to have damaged the tank frame, but because the braking dIstance shortened, only hit the front bumper, safety Is not improved?


acceleration, Royal multiply II generation grip performance Is very good, after blasting my wife before the tires, Goodyear produced Is not the same!

Goodyear Auto tires, driving experience summary

(Goodyear Tire royal ride )

It Is said that a good limo suspension, but the suspension did not seem to know Is how the divIsion of labor, shock absorbers and springs to absorb vibration amplitude of the medium, can absorb high bush frequency vibration, the vibration absorption of the tire but can resolve a variety of amplitudes. The question Is, can give comfort tires bring much impact?

after the new tires, I think Royal II generation in high-speed ride on a good quiet performance, high-speed road Is rough, it’s a high-frequency noIse control Is very good, the tires noIse reduction design really reflects the advantages of long-dIstance driving Is not easy to fatigue. Vibration even in poor quality road paving, Royal II generation by feedback to the steering wheel Is also very soft.

put on a royal ride since Goodyear II generation, I feel completely different, gave me a big surprIse in the quiet, wet and dry braking, damping and so on. ThIs year’s return journey, though, as always stuck in the high-speed, but the Car never tire out of the situation along the way are particularly quiet, comfortable.