Central air conditioning and private cars Will be the same as standard home?

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Is the trend of the home central air conditioning, central air-conditioning products in the future Will be as massive as the family Car into the consumer, who Is the first to seize the home market, who Will become king in the field of central air conditioning.

April 12, 2019, the annual American Refrigeration Exhibition opened in New York.

Compared to last year, thIs year’s American Refrigeration more clearly convey two: First, more and more international brands participation in thIs exhibition, the international exhibition of color increasingly strong; Second, the United States Army Central air conditioning continued to rIse to become the star of the show deserved.

United States three strategic unveiled new New York Refrigeration

With American Refrigeration stage, the US central air conditioning released in 2019 three strategic new products: TR + all-around home central air conditioning, Clivet from Italy products, intellectual building management system (M-BMS).

to enter the United States near the KUKA robot system, appeared together at the conference site.

a new generation of TR + all-around home central air conditioning, the United States Is the focus of thIs release. Guan Hongbo, general manager of Midea Central Air Conditioning DivIsion Vice President and Marketing Company, said the United States TR + Almighty masterpiece called the United States home central air conditioning to the world’s leading technology companies in transition.

Data provided by the United States show, TR + in addition has a quiet, intelligent, fresh air three core technology, in the blowing mode, running energy efficiency, rapid heating and cooling, ease of installation, the defrosting capacity, extreme environment adaptation 7 major aspects of capability, design and so on, have reached the world’s top level, a number of indicators beyond the similar Japanese products.

In terms of intelligence, TR + terminal equipped with intelligent control module and wIsdom control system, use your phone or tablet to remotely control, get rid of the restrictions of space.

TR + supporting new fans, three purification network of PM2.5 in addition to haze rate as high as 97.8%, air-conditioning equipment by the National Quality SupervIsion and Inspection Center as “9 stars” safety rating.

more and more signs that the next blue ocean central air-conditioning market Is the home central air conditioning, a trend that ten years ago the family Car quickly into consumers’ homes Is very similar, who caught the home central air conditioning opportunities Will lead the central airFuture tone. The industry believes that pushing all-around home central air conditioning, it Is the United States to cater to thIs trend move.

US MinIster of the domestic market central air-conditioning business Guoqiang Group, in an interview, said, “The US home central air-conditioning market, not the world of the Japanese.”

famous Italian brand Clivet commercial air conditioning, refrigeration also help in thIs exhibition debut in the US market, marking the US central air conditioning and Clivet bear fruit in hand after six months, the US central air conditioning has since opened a dual-brand operations big screen.

According to the US introduces, Clivet products into the US market Will operate independently, and beauty brand to create synergy.

The United States also released thIs Refrigeration wIsdom M-BMS building management systems.

central air conditioning domestic brands were collectively rIse trend

compared to international brands, the US central air conditioning three main brands Midea, Gree, Haier extraordinary strength, become the three star show deserved.

In addition to these three major product releases, the United States also give the impression that the US and Clivet two brands together exhibitors, while the formation of two main brands, Is still the first in the field of domestic central air-conditioning .

world-renowned KUKA robots, live performances pour beer concern. It appears Clivet and library Card, highlighting the beauty of the enterprIse international color.

Haier Is another major concern of local brands, Haier maglev air conditioning Is still the main product. At the current refrigeration station, Haier also held global chief strategic partnership with Danfoss awarding ceremony, the two sides Will cooperate in research and development, test, test, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service and other fields.

In addition to the Haier brand, Casa Imperial brand of multi-line products also appear on the show floor.

In recent years, Haier significantly accelerate the pace of internationalization, in 2016 even heavily in the acquIsition of American GEA. Refrigeration Expo thIs year, Haier invite international scene catwalk model, it looks very Western style.

still Gree main push its permanent magnet synchronous frequency centrifugal duplex status ice storage unit, using the electricity peak difference between day and night, nighttime ice, daytime cooling, energy savings. International brands also show similar products.

Gree also a live demonstration of robotic precIsion cutting.

to vIsit several important indicators of flow, and other products look from the show, the exhibition scale, the number of people gather, media attention and foreign customers, the three major domestic brands are the most talked about show thIs cooling star. The US central air conditioning already formed the first corps, domestic air conditioner market and thIs situation Is very similar.

gathered in big-name international mainstream American Refrigeration

a measure of the influence of the size of the exhibition, there Is a reference hereby indicators, namely: the number of international exhibitors?

from the exhibition situation, the international brand in particular, the United States Department mainstream brands exhibiting enthusiasm Is still high. For example, McQuay, Carrier, Dunham-Bush and other US Department of traditional mainstream exhibitors, exhibition area, product exhibition, vIsitors are considerable.

Korean brand LG took part in the Refrigeration and scale of the exhibits and exhibition design gives the left a good impression, its main product Is magnetic levitation air conditioning.

but the Japanese brand seems to be absent in thIs exhibition. In recent years, the Japanese home appliances in the world in a strategic retreat trend, the market share has been eroded and Korean brands, some companies have even been the acquIsition of US companies, such as Toshiba have been white US acquIsition, Hon Hai acquired by Sharp, Sanyo Is part of the assets Haier acquired. In the field of central air-conditioning, Japanese companies are more single product line, multi-line basically retreated to the home market, although the market performed well, but the overall look in a downward trend. ThIs trend of development, does not rule out the possibility in the future beyond 2002 by local brands.

(The author Is a home appliance industry veteran observers)

Source: Chinese and foreign management of new media