Car would not start how to do? You can only go to the repair shop? Old driver: Click thIs button!

Now the quality has greatly improved the Car, but the Car does not mean that we would not be a problem. In life or encounter or that problem, if it Is still better to understand the Car, do not know if it Is only to Carry out the maintenance shop, go to the hospital, and in fact no different, even if no major problems, maintenance stores Will say more exaggerated, a not up to not give up the maintenance of the owners said in amusement.

to maintenance Is a big expenditure, into a half after the repairmen many owners also bought a Car, because I think they are fundamentally not need to repair small problems shop the money to someone else. Car repair shop only to beat the fire it? Maintenance divIsion: press it, the Car Will be able to start! Many people do not understand the Car has encountered often common, but not solve the problem, Is that the Car would not start how to do?

we Will certainly look at the fuel pump, look inside it Is not Carbon brushes and Carbon brush nails are all intertwined, and if it Is traveling at high speed on Once thIs problem occurs, through the trunk, and tire wrench to check, and then see their own vehicle’s fuel tank. Car would not start how to do? You can only go to the repair shop? Old driver: Click thIs button! Use a wrench to knock the pump glue do not knock knock into the wrong fuel filter. When we do these things, do not forget to put warning signs, such as the tripod Is placed 150 meters away open four more flash.

thIs time we can only be opened by clicking the starter engine compartment, the general case can be started, the owner may know the problem , but do not know where to start Is in the end Is, generally find it Is very troublesome.

to find it Is also very simple, the thick line side Is the large battery clip long as it Is along thIs line it Is found in parts starter, holding a wrench, to beat it several times, we can solve thIs problem.

itself himself more anxious, and the Car appeared beat the fire situation, it may be even more angryBut anger Is no way to solve the problem. Still have to do some checking to make us as soon as possible, have to start her Car to go do their own thing. In peacetime meet some trouble themselves or that plant to repair it?