Car wash also pay attention to, do not feel bad because 20 dollars, the results paint ruined!

now walking down the street, large and small repair shops can see a lot, there are many kinds of Car wash shops, mainly due to an increasing number of Cars popular, more and more Cars the development of the Automotive industry can be seen everywhere. In fact, some owners do not Care about the price of the Car, they tend to go to the Car wash Car wash. But some owners Will save money, wash the Car.

and wash the Car Is not a bad idea. If you do not, you could lose your Car paint, it Is not worth it. Look at the situation today, the Car wash.

Time of washing

was washed with a little attention to time, washing Will generally choose to cloudy, Car wash avoid direct sunlight, hot and cold water when the lacquer paint, thermal expansion and contraction Will accelerate the Car paint dry. If you wash in direct sunlight, water droplets Will form a convex lens to collect heat, and the local temperature Is too high, the paint Will be baked.

After selecting the washing Car paint cloudy cooling, to avoid the problem of paint baked or heated. If you are in the Car wash, not after exposure, Car washing, Car washing do not direct the engine, the engine temperature does not drop directly, rinse with cold water directly direct damage to the engine.

washing cycle

did not say the Car touched a little dirt to wash the Car in the process Will inevitably hit dirt, regular cleaning, Car paint to prevent corrosion, Will look more beautiful. In general, the number of 21 to 25 days recommended Car wash, dirt or corrosion products accumulated to a certain extent, clean Cars and clean new paint.

Even if you wash, do not require frequent washing. You can save your time, give your Car a buffer.

Is a maintenance Car wax, and appropriate wax can paint the Car from dust or other erosion-corrosion, but also allows the body shiny and bright, but frequently can make the body wax black, paint can be weathered. Car waxing frequency of about four months.

withActing Car wash.

The washing agent directly determine whether to select corrosion Automotive paints, when cleaning the Car, should be selected neutral detergent, alkaline cleaners and paint Automobile tires prone to corrosion. When you select a rag, to select a soft cloth to prevent scratching Car paint in the cleaning process. Be Careful not to use too hard at the Car wash brush, brush can brush very clean, but the paint Is scratched, it Will never come.

Car wash Is the best choice, not the lost wax washing liquid, although clean with detergent, cleaning and faster speeds, but later, the body Will turn black, and even paint burst loss.

Car wash also need to pay attention, know thIs, you can make your Car a little to reduce the cost of the Car.