Car warranty period, and it Is to continue in good 4s maintenance, or maintenance of good on the outside?

off the insured vehicle Is to continue to maintain the good 4s, or outside maintenance of good? Maintenance staff said the truth!

how high Car process, no matter how Carefully their own, driving skills have, inevitably there Will still be a small knock a small touch, then buy a new the Cars generally have a warranty period, the warranty period if a Car Is to continue to maintain good in the 4S shop? Or go outside maintenance of good? 4S shop maintenance staff told the truth!

outside maintenance Is also possible, if the 4S shop to sell all the Cars have been doing maintenance in the 4S shop, 4S shop that basically a fortune! Light oil change working hours to earn fee Is not a small sum up! So many owners after the Car Is out of warranty would choose to go outside maintenance. Only the first and even some Car insurance in the 4S shop, after all-out to get.

Is now selling various brands of oil, many shops, big brands Small brand synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil have what . Moreover, with the sale of the oil depot Is not the production of, oil manufacturers are filling OEM customization. After a lot of Car owners know that engine oil grade, can choose to maintain their own brand of oil, even for the same price, you can choose a higher level of engine oil. But we have to ensure that the oil Is genuine, genuine. There are a lot of fake oil sale on the web, we have to consider very Carefully. Try to go to a local agency that big brand oil oil change.

However, 4S shop for oil service specification like others, some proficiency, as long as for these types of vehicles per day. Consumers also can be more at ease, my heart Will be comfortable. 4S shop and parts quality Is definitely guaranteed. At the same time you can leave the maintenance records. Oil change centers and other outside repair shop received a number of possible models a day, and things Will be done, mIscellaneous live, it did not look professional 4S shop on the service!

may be the reason too busy, causing some relief negligence flaws. But thIs Is not absolute. The most important thing Is out of too many brand oil filter Cartridge, and 4S shop Is not the same. Such a filter who do notYou know how in the end, you can buy your own original oil filters, oil screws, gaskets and other small accessories. So do not worry about the quality of the parts! If you still can not trust the whole staring! So many old people who understand the Car drivers and maintenance are out doing the same thing after all out change to cheaper Well! What are your views on it? Your Car off after Paul usually where to do it?