Car want to change four tires, a comprehensive repair shop to good, or good tire shop specializing in selling to?

Car want to change four tires, a comprehensive repair shop to good, or good tire shop specializing in selling to?

vehicle tires as an important factor driving the vehicle some sloppy, first select the recommended brand, take a look Michelin horse brand, Goodyear currently belong to several brands on the market, do not worry about quality.

As for the Issue you are worried about fakes, we must first learn to look at some of the information given by the tire wall:

1. check the tire label, if the tread of the tire, the label did not find the Chinese color or black and white Chinese label, then most likely not true brand tires.

2. The tire of the tire are taking the date of manufacture, may be retreaded tires according to whether the judgment about the date of manufacture.

3. Check the tires have a similar two-dimensional bar code in the code at the bead, if the bar code Is not found, then it should not really genuine tires.

4. Check lanugo vehicle tires, the new tire must have lanugo, lanugo must be without a tire retreading.

5. Check the printing line, the market generally in the 15-inch size or more new tires are printed on the printing line, and a few kilometers of the tire after use, Will be in contact with the road surface printing line and worn, thIs Is to determine whether the retreaded tires.

The above points can be used as place you can refer to when buying tires, the tire Will help you to dIstinguIsh between true and false. Of course, try to choose a large choice of tire manufacturers to buy, consider self tire store electronic business platform, part of the platform currently offers the service free installation of tires, warranty problem, do not worry.

After replacing the four tires, wheel alignment and balancing Is recommended to be cost about 150 yuan, usually normal tire pressure control in 2.3 to 2.5 between a four-wheel tire pressure as consIstent as possible, usually you need to check tire pressure regularly. These are my suggestions, I hope for your help change the tire!

To clarify thIs Issue, we must first have a basic understanding of the tires.

tire model The most basic Is the size of the tire, each having a width, than the flat type and the tire and wheel diameters. Below,

225/60 R 17, each represent:

the tire section width Is 225 mm; flatness ratio of 60%, i.e., the height of the tire cross-sectional width percentage; represents R & lt radial tires, i.e. for the radial Carcass ply are wound; 17 represents the hub diameter of 17 inches. Another load index and the speed level. When replacing tires, tire parameters as consIstent as possible.

of the tire production date of the tire production date directly related to the life of the tire, at the same time, stored for too long the tires also have some impact on performance. So, try to choose the most recent date.

from the date of manufacture of the tire four digits, respectively number of weeks and year. The following diagram, “0713” indicates the date of manufacture of tires for the first 13 weeks of 2007.

My advice Is to go to the tire shop for tire better for the following reasons:

1, special the tire brand tire shop more complete, a wider range of options, the price Is more close to the people. We can use different tire brands and price according to their own economic conditions.

2, specifically the replacement tires tire shop more targeted, more specialized technology, more efficient. For example, demolition equipment tires, balancing machines, wheel alignment, etc. are targeted layout, higher efficiency, quality assurance, and save time.

3, sale and quality assurance. Usually change a tire in the tire shop specializing minimum of 1 year or 3Million km warranty, so do not worry about fakes or retreaded tires. And some stores during the warranty as well as free gift wheel alignment, can be described as very attentive service. Another, also go to the store to buy their own tire change, to pay an additional fee work on it, it Is also very convenient. These advantages are a comprehensive repair shop do not have, therefore, to change a tire go to a special tire shop better. The repair shop business focus Is on comprehensive repair and maintenance, tire replacement not so professional. Moreover, the origin and quality of aftermarket tires Is not easy to say.