Car to the 4S shop maintenance, three days later want to drive away was stopped 4S shop, men: no longer afraid to come

Lead: Car to the 4S shop maintenance, three days later I want to drive away was stopped 4S shop, men: no longer afraid to come

now many families have purchased travel Car, but the Car Will be like people, sometimes go wrong, it Is usually necessary to pay attention to Care when driving, if the Car Is a problem, usually to 4S shop maintenance, However, to take note of 4S shop Is not a routine. Recently, there Is such a thing happened, a man of hIs Car to the 4S shop maintenance, the results sent to the 4S shop three days did not repair, when you want to pull away but was stopped by the 4S shop, after the man said no longer dare to store up. What has actually happened? Followed by small series with a look.

It Is understood that Sun’s Car out of a little problem, so he sent to the 4S shop to repair, but Sun asks how long can fix, staff said 3 days, when the results three days after Sun to mention the Car has not been found to repair the Car, so Mr. Sun Is ready to drive away the Car, maintenance Is not here, and the results when you want to drive but was stopped by staff, work officials said, may have wanted to drive away the Car, it must be overhauled to pay fees. Sun asks how thIs Is going? Staff said, the Car has to detect Sun, but has not yet started to repair. And there are other people ran into the same situation and Sun, Sun let the 4S shop to produce relevant evidence, 4S shop could get it out. So, thIs matter Will be Sun exposure to the Reporters.

Reporters after Mr. Sun to understand the situation and came to thIs house 4S shop, the Reporter asked what the fee Is dIsmantling 4S shop staff told Reporters, every one 4S stores have thIs cost, after staff gave Reporters to produce an agreement and signed by Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun requires a fee of 20 percent of the dIsmantling, then, told Reporters, regardless of whether Sun repair, can not be deducted people’s Car, the Reporter asked the dIsmantling costs can not talk, the staff said can, then under the mediation of the Reporters, Mr. Sun to pay 300 dollars dIsmantling costs, while another was more serious because the Car broke down, to 1,700 yuan dIsmantling costs.

Xiao Bian here to remind you, a lot of 4S shop routine, and everyone in the 4S shop to sign the agreement to note that there are problems, then it Is not so simple can be resolved if after the signing of the agreement. Sun encountered such a thing Is more worry, I put the Car for three days without repair, delay the Car Is still very troublesome. For thIs, you have any views on it are welcome to leave a message in the dIscussion below. (Content, image source network, if infringement, please contact deleted)