Car to the 4S shop maintenance, replacing parts can take it? Do not be deceived 4S shop!

drivers friends all know that in order to make the vehicle better Is that we use, after running for some time Is required to Carry out maintenance on a regular basIs. And most of us must be sent to regular people preferred the 4S shop maintenance, and some friends wanted to know 4s repair shop in time, change down from the Car’s old parts they can take it?


Specifically, today we say thIs, thIs fact needs to be explained in two ways. The first Is for of claims, in fact, damaged Car parts need repair and replacement within the warranty period, thIs time the manufacturers of the parts are replaced free of charge. But for 4s shop, they have a process they specified. They need to return to the original factory replacement parts, so such parts are friends not take away, otherwIse we lose the opportunity to receive free replacement.

Second, we have to say Is usually replaced when down to 4s shop for repair and maintenance of our parts. For such components, in fact, friends can basically take their own, of course, in addition to some of the old engine oil, filter machines, as these are of uniform recycling needs to be done. In addition to these, you buy a new engine oil Is not used up can be taken away, other parts such as bumpers and other naturally can be taken away. While most of the parts we can bring back, but for damaged and can no longer use the components, we bring back what use Is it? I believe more Is to bring unnecessary trouble footprint, pollution vehicles it.

Faced with thIs argument, some people might express a different opinion. They believe that in case they do not have to store the components to install someone else’s Car to obtain profits how to do it? After all, unscrupulous businessmen still a lot of people, in fact, you need not worry. Because for formal 4s shop, they have their own stores of the old warehouse, also have a special staff to regularly clean up these useless old parts. In fact, compared to our own deal, threw 4s shop but seemed a little easier.

Therefore, in the face of formal 4s shop, we Carry out maintenance time,We can choose to think of useful things can be taken away away, the other to stay directly in the store just fine. Go 4s shop maintenance time, Is how to deal with the replaced parts of it?