Car to the 4S shop maintenance, new doors are secretly replaced, the owner found tricky: When I was a fool?

another door, 4S shop subsidizing 10,000 yuan, the owner: does not pit you really when I consequently do not understand?

A lot of people knew the high 4s shop maintenance costs, but also means more money pit when it Is Willing to go to 4s shops main reason Is because clearly know, 4s shop but although the money pit enough formal way, but also the interests of the owner can be guaranteed, but the owners did not think of himself so true 4s shops have so dark side.

Even if a Car no matter how Carefully it Will inevitably accidents on the road, as if such Dongfeng Peugeot 4008SUV owners, accidentally crashed while driving hIs door, because the door badly damaged obviously has seriously affected the normal use, the owner of such a phenomenon occurs in these open immediately after the Car had to 4s shops to buy a Car, spent a price of about 1980 yuan for a a new door.

While the door but the owners changed after the Car was feeling more and more wrong, thIs bike Is broken after the door was significantly the Car appeared abnormal sound, abnormal sound and clear voice through the door just for coming out, which the owners are very skeptical, so the owners immediately drove the Car to another repair shop to check who check the store know that thIs Car repairman says a new door Is old.

In later learned that it was a used Car owners to turn the Car door open to the 4s shop which originally 4s shop Is not recognized but see the owners come up with irrefutable evidence later had to admit thIs reality, who knows admit their mIstakes in the future, 4s shop also want to Settle thIs matter by the cost of 2,000 yuan, the owner certainly do not agree with it, do not 2000 to want to solve thIs thing? Therefore, thIs complaint directly 4s shop.

ultimate goal Is to 4s shop has finally been punIshed for the owners of 8000 dollars, and to be free to change the owners a new door on real meaning, that agreed to pay a punIshment of three, although the number of events Will not be too activIstLarge, but the Car Is a major success rights be the best thing.

In fact, 4s store things happen a lot, we only know that the owner of the rights of the difficulties ahead, but who also knows 4s shop there are so kind of shady it? Rather than focus on the owners of rights, not as thoroughly clean up the 4s shop shady, so when Will it stop again and again appear?