Car to the 4S shop maintenance, mention car found Adds “new injury”, 4S shop: get careless

than the average small Car maintenance repair shop, 4S shop Is probably the most assured many owners place. In addition to gas stations, basically 4S shop Is a place frequented by Car owners, because most of the 4S shop employees are trained, although expensive, but as long as the services in place, repair in one step, so most have 4S shop to Car owners think that worry and effort. But Is it really? The lady next encounter Will break your idea of, 4S shops are not all the same. Car to the 4S shop maintenance, mention Car found Adds “new injury”, 4S shop: Careless confused.

Ms. Yang because Passat Car windscreen damaged, 4S shop to repair, but did not expect, to mention Cars when the vehicle becomes even broken than before: the paint Is scratched, the tire Is punctured. For thIs service, Ms. Yang can be considered a real insight into the 4S shop of Care and thought. Windshield be repaired, but the Car still dilapidated than before to the 4S shop. Ms. Yang was very angry, so he went 4S shop person in charge of the dIscussion to say, but the explanation given Is responsible for: maintenance staff accidentally get in, after a pen smear temporary deal. Ms. Yang speak well, even if he was ready to drive away, and do not intend to pursue a.

did not think, just getting out of the gate 4S shop, feeling a little bumpy wrong vehicle, returned 4S. SurprIsingly, it turns out the Car’s rear tires were poked into a nail, the picture Is taken out nails. It should be the maintenance personnel during maintenance, resulting in less attention to detail, and 4S shop staff also admitted negligence. But at that time because employees are off work, Ms. Yang only their own money to go somewhere else Tire.

The first scratched paint vehicle, and then the tire Is damaged. Ms. Yang even temper even the best can not lump it, thIs Is not, after all, as consumers spent a money, plus tire repair, scratch them but to pay the extra. Ms. Yang once again came to the 4S shop for consultations, but did not get an accurate answer 4S shop. Can only seek help of the media, I came to the 4S shop again. 4S shop, said: really Is because workersFor errors caused by possible compensation. Ms. Yang agreed to re-paint repair, tire repair money Will be returned to Ms. Yang. But Ms. Yang hopes to cash the way, 4S shop Is opposed, however, can increase the maintenance time, Ms. Yang did not make objections.

Redknapp Comments: 4S shop as a regular store, all the employees are long-term training can take place so that could have been avoided but ultimately did not avoid thing, really striking. If not, Ms. Yang found that surely right when the 4S shop did not happen. So from that point of view on the matter, and do not think that after the vehicle 4S shop to be foolproof, put the Car when we must check the vehicle. In thIs regard, we have different views of what? Welcome to leave comments.