Car to do maintenance, should go to 4S store or repair shop? Both what Is the difference?

a lot of people in the Car and found no 4S shop of their own region. When it comes to maintenance, they are very worried. If it Is to do maintenance to the 4S shop Is really too difficult.

If we do not find the 4S shop, there Is no need to go 4S shop. We can find a large Car repair shop in the vicinity, or very reliable repair shop.

before you go to repair, be sure to read the Car’s manual, when the number of kilometers the Car should do kind of service, or what needs to be replaced. ThIs Is important, otherwIse people Will feel free to ask you two questions, you Will know that you do not know Cars. At thIs point, you can easily be a pit, and tell you that want to change, want to change that, other than the maintenance costs Will be much higher, if you understand user manual and tell him what to do, then you Will not be chaotic spend money. In general, it Is cheaper than the 4S shop maintenance costs a lot.

sometimes they would be in exchange for something, there Is no need to go 4S shop, such as air filters, air filter, these simple things they can be traded.

These things can be bought on the Internet, and now businesses Will have an installation manual, just follow the manual to operate, if you go to the 4S shop, no matter how much Is the price of parts, labor costs may be more expensive than your part. After all, people want to make money.

Car came back to buy, whether it Is waxing, coating or sealing glaze. If you are looking for a professional Car beauty company, everything you do Will be very beautiful. Some businesses Will be free to send a lot of things. In general, it Is much cheaper than going to the 4S shop, economical and practical.