Car to a repair shop to do maintenance be sure to know oh

a vehicle maintenance recommended or specified by the Car manufacturer mileage or time, usually about 2500-5000 km. A maintenance by a professional maintenance man responsible for the implementation. Its contents other routine maintenance operations center operations outside to clean, lubricate, mainly fastening, and inspection of the brake actuating member and other security, maintaining normal operating conditions of the vehicle. The main contents of a maintenance and includes a fastening assembly for each coupling member, as well as some lubrication necessary adjustments dIscovered when checking the main assembly of the outer member and the operation

Well, I’ll tell you about the job content of a maintenance Car repair shop!

First, the engine

Check lubrication, cooling, exhaust systems and fuel systems leaks or damage. Change the engine oil and oil filter Cartridge Qing. Cooling liquid level check and freezing, addition of a coolant or cooling liquid to adjust the concentration, if necessary. cleaning air filter, the filter can be replaced if necessary. Check the cleaning spark plug can be replaced if necessary. Check status and tension of a V-belt, as the case of adjusting the tension or replaced. Checking ignition timing adjustment, idle speed and Carbon monoxide content.

Second, the chassIs

check the clutch pedal stroke, whether the transmIssion leakage or damage, or damage to the brake system for leaks. The constant velocity joint boot to check for damage. A tie rod ball fixed case, the gap and the boot Is damaged. Check brake fluid level height, add brake fluid, if necessary. Check the thickness of the brake shoe friction lining or pad. Check and adjust the parking brake device and the tire pressure, wear and damage, tire tread depth. Check wheel bolt tightening torque.

Third, the body

lubricate the engine cover and decklid hinge. lubrication door hinges and door stop brace. Check underbody protective layer lossless cup seal.

Fourth, the electrical systems and air conditioning

inspection lights, warning lights, turn work status lights and speakers, adjust the headlight beam. Check the fan and cleaning a windshield wiper apparatus, windshield washer fluid Is added, if necessary. Check the battery liquid level, if necessary, dIstilled water was added. (ThIs Is for the older models, the new battery usually change a) Check the air conditioning system for leaks. Check conditioned fresh air filter cleaning. Cycle and job content

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