Car tires using the time directly determines the safety of your life, do not effect Oh!

In February 2008, a company owner needs to give hIs SUV for a new tire, the result bought a used tire. Two weeks later he suddenly when driving and tire tread separated, the Car lost control and hit a motorcycle, causing the motorcycle Lord died on the spot. AnalysIs of used tires shows that it has been used for nearly 10 years. Recently, the cause of actor Paul Walker (Paul Walker) died in a Car accident conducted a survey, he was riding the Porsche Carrera GT has 9 years of tire. According to the “Los Angeles Times” (Los Angeles Times) reported that the California Highway Patrol (California Highway Patrol) pointed out that the aging of tires may affect their driving performance and handling characterIstics.

These incidents not only illustrates the potential dangers of buying second-hand tires, also illustrates the danger of using tire aging – including those who have never spent a day on the road tires. Over the years, people have been relying on the tread of the tire tread depth to determine the situation, but no matter what condition the tread rubber compound Will tire degradation over time. If you drive at a speed of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, then the tire tread Will wear in three to four years, the wear and tear much earlier than rubber tread. But if you just open year 6000 miles, or open only on weekends there Is a Car, the aging of tires may also be a problem. Age warning also applies to the spare tire and the “new” tires. These tires never used, but they are old.

What happens when a tire aging? Security research and strategy firm (Safety Research & Strategies, Inc.), president of Kane (Sean Kane) the aging of the tire compared to the old rubber band. If you put a rubber band on a long period of time remains extended state, you Will begin to see cracks rubber, which Is the case of the tires on the vehicle. As time goes on, rubber cracks began to appear, they may also appear in the surface and inside of the tire. Such cracks Will eventually lead to other sections of the strip in the tire tread separation. An animated show on the security research and strategy websiteThIs Is how it happened, inadequate maintenance and heating Will accelerate thIs process, each tire Will be the way of aging. Michelin (Michelin) Cars and light trucks, product marketing director Doug Girvin (Doug Gervin), said higher tire mileage was rated contain “anti-ozone” in rubber compounds, can delay the aging process, but nothing can stop time destructive rubber.

How to determine the age of a tire? On the sidewall of the tire Is full of numbers and letters, they have some meaning, but they can be a challenge to decipher. After 2000 production of tires have a four-digit code point. The first two numbers represent the week of manufacture of tires, the second of two representatives of one year. In the first 11 weeks of 2009, a tire of the dot code 1109. Tires have a three-digit code that Is manufactured before 2000, and more difficult to decipher. The first two digits still tell you a week’s time, but the third digit tells you what year it was created in the decade. The most difficult thing Is to know what it’s.

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