Car tires up once 5000? Repair shop owner: Because your tires are not the same and others!

a 5000 Car tire fill? Repair shop owner: Because your tires are not the same and others!

a flat tire Is definitely a very common vehicle breakdown, after all, most owners friends who have experienced such a situation.

In general Car tire blowout on the road, after which case it Will certainly own Car spare tire put on, and then find a nearby repair shop for maintenance.

tire repair costs are generally to be charged according to the tire injured area and the injured area, the cost Is probably in the range 20-100 yuan. But recently one user said he once went to a repair shop Tire did not even spent 5,000 yuan, so that in the end Is how it all about?

repair shop owner explains: Because your tires are not the same and others!

In fact, thIs Is not what we usually repair shops also have seen the kind of ordinary Auto repair shop, the store main target Is the kind of service dwt more than 300 tons of giant mine Car.

That Is more than five meters in diameter store each of the tires repaired, weighs three tons, the users also thIs Car. We all know that the working environment on the site Is very poor, so that in many cases, the tires Will inevitably lead to sharp and sharp, the Car’s tire situation Will certainly leak puncture occurs after a long time.

Although Car tire surface damage sometimes seem like much, but in fact it has long been inside punctured. There Is the maintenance of thIs tire really Is very time-consuming, but also for workers with certain technical test.

that we ordinary tires and tire Is a very big difference exIsts because of thIs tire the innermost layer of the structure, substantially all surfaces are thick rubber. Only after a deep rubber tires worn tires can only be found in the innermostFiber layer, so that if after the Car’s tires do not speak polIsh simply can not find a Car tire in the end how serious the damage Is there. After

Is to give the tire repair step for grinding, to find the site of injury polIshed clean tool surface, and then paste the strong plastic. ThIs Is certainly an area of ​​strong plastic than we usually make up a large family Car tire with a lot, after all, thIs area Is also larger tire thing. After

Paste strong plastic must also use a special tool to compaction, so you can avoid no case of cement appeared. That big hole in the outer ring of the maintenance workers usually use the same stuff similar double-sided adhesive, a lamination layer of paste to fill thIs hole to give. In fact, at the time of filling thIs hole it Is for the technical requirements more stringent, after all, to fill each layer must be to ensure that there Is no gap, or else once the mIstakes, then the latter Is equivalent to all Jieshangqu scrapped.

After more than a day, the number of layers, the hole Will certainly gradually becomes smaller. Then polIshed off excess rubber, also thIs job after the puncture Is completed.