Car tires normal use for many years? Maintenance man: do not understand these, be careful fooled 4S shop

Car tires normal use for many years? Maintenance man: do not understand these, be Careful fooled 4S shop

Car owners are aware, it Is necessary to Carry out maintenance on the Car after buying the Car. Well maintained Car more than a couple of years, were properly maintained, Car early retirement. So Car maintenance Is not a trifling matter, it Is the need for a Car watchful Care of the “big toy” under long-lasting use. Vehicle maintenance not only just limited to those in the Car engine, water tank maintenance, tire maintenance Is also essential item.

four large tires the Car supports four trunk of the Car, mIssing these tires, the Car Is not traveling together. As they say eating chicken eating chicken Is not caught, then the chicken Is no “soul”, so the Car Is not the tires, the Car Is not natural “soul” to speak of. ThIs shows how much importance the tires of the Car, so while the Car maintenance, and can not forget the maintenance of the tire. Tires can use it for many years, as long as you know the maintenance man said these points, it Will not be easily fooled 4S shop.

people drive their Cars a year with basically in 20000-30000 kilometers, people tend to use fewer Cars a year to open ten thousand such kilometers. In the tire service life in the process, are determined according to the number of replacement tire wear. When the tire aging, the life cycle of the tires Will be replaced in thIs way for three years. Some Cars in use in over-Cheng, Is on a flat road, not many kilometers mileage, less tire wear, as long as a tire after a period of use, regardless of whether the tires still intact, should be replaced. After a life of tires Will continue to use, Will only make the owner in the process of driving the Car, the rIsk factor Is high. Because they have a shelf life of parts, can withstand the deadline Is those years, because I think tire if a new one Is not Willing to change, then while the decline in the quality of it, the danger comes. Like the food we eat, the food in there within the prescribed period of relatively, we should eat these things, or else have a shelf life, food Is not that bad, eat and diarrhea, it would be too hurt their own body. When

In these cases the Car, to know how to replace the wheel as soon as possibletire. Car tires appear drum kit, but also timely replacement. Although emerging drum kit can travel a long way, but you can not guarantee that section of the road in the process of moving, the tire Will not encounter those uneven pavement, the rIsk of a puncture in thIs traveling road occurs. And do not think the tires like clothes, “mend a year.” Mending excessive tire, the tire can normally use it, so you do not need to save to save it. 50 An eight road now Is in the road, so the use of the road Is not good, the tires when used for more than three years, Is the need to be replaced. So please owners and friends, we must remember to be replaced during the life. TV had such a story, a person Is not Willing to food and clothing, clothes mending to have no way to mend also reluctant to change, resulting in one day out to buy food, clothes mending too much, the result of a bend, the clothes are all broken. People usually pay attention to not know how to “break Sheli” it, so the homes would house the throw to throw, which trade on the exchange.

under Car tires in the face of so few cases have to be replaced, so when our Car during the maintenance, 4S shop staff when advIsed to replace Car tires, the Car we mainly know the answer, what Is necessary to achieve layer of the tire change, the age when to be changing, not because of 4S shop casually say, I felt no doubt Will change, like when pigs as sold on the bad.